Better Redstone Components

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    avatar Beatso
    Level 42 : Master Answer
    This is a utility pack I made that adds small quality of life additions to redstone components in vanilla.


    • Adds arrows to the sides and tops of dispensers and droppers, including when they are facing vertically.
    • Adds arrows to the sides of observers to show which way they are facing.
    • Adds a red light to the sides and front of observers, so you don't have look at the back to see when they are activated.
    • Adds arrows to the inside and sides of hoppers so you can see which way a hopper is facing easier.
    • Adds slime to the back and sides of sticky piston heads to show whether or not a piston is sticky without having to look at the sides.
    • Fixes the top observers to be in line with Jappa's 1.14 textures.
    Directional hoppers, sticky piston sides, and observer top fix are all credit to Vanilla Tweaks.
    Hope you enjoy, and if you have any issues or suggestions, please do let me know on discord or in a comment.
    Progress100% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

    07/08/2020 1:34 pm
    Level 44 : Master Miner
    No offense, but the dispensers and droppers look too similar. One of them should get a different arrow on the side. even a different color would be nice. Otherwise, it's a nice pack.
    07/08/2020 1:49 pm
    Level 42 : Master Answer
    Ok, thanks for the feedback! At the moment they use the same texture, but that is a good idea, possibly giving one a different shaped arrow. I might add that in a future update.
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