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Denisroro's Avatar Denisroro
Level 38 : Artisan Artist
Hey everyone!

So It's my first texture pack ever, so it might not be perfect!

For now I'm finishing the 1.12.2 version before starting the 1.13 or further! I'll probably do expansions so mods could be cartoonised as well but I've got to finish the Vanilla textures first ;)

If you want to showcase this texture pack, I just want my name (Denisroro) credited (MANDATORY) and a nice PM from you so I can see your work ^^ (optional)

Have fun with this!

If there's no sound, do F3+T, it will reload the texture pack and the sound should be back! Sorry, I think I can't do anything to solve this :/

Sorry if my English's bad, I'm French ^^
Progress85% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

8 Update Logs

Update #8 : by Denisroro 08/27/2019 11:55:33 amAug 27th, 2019

A little update! With a lot of new paintings, and cartoony items. There's so much new textures that I couldn't do a list of it...
So, download the pack, and see the changes by yourself!


Many, MANY inventory Items
Some new paintings! (Some are not devinitive of course)

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07/11/2019 11:39 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Skinner
_943's Avatar
07/11/2019 1:36 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Artist
Denisroro's Avatar
Thanks for the reply!
11/10/2018 10:29 am
Level 1 : New Network
VAPOR_87's Avatar
love the look of this pack will be using for pixelmon and general mc p.s. your english isn't bad at all
11/11/2018 9:16 am
Level 38 : Artisan Artist
Denisroro's Avatar
Thanks! I think my pack works pretty well with mods that use vanilla textures (i'm thinking of Crayfish's Furniture Mod for example). Maybe one day I'll create an expansion for mods which have their own textures! ;)
10/24/2018 1:53 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
jodytsao's Avatar
10/24/2018 12:49 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Artist
Denisroro's Avatar
Thanks! :D
09/04/2018 3:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
FireHeartSK's Avatar

Hey dude this is so awesome its my first ever resource pack!I never installed one before.But the wool seems a little bit ugly cz it looks like a crate!Damn tho, for your first ever resource pack this is amazing!Ive got a few questions tho:

-When will be the next update and how do I update the texture?

-Can you change the wool texture?Btw glass panes or glass blocks are amazing!

-Have you got discord or anything so we can discuss?
09/04/2018 2:38 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Artist
Denisroro's Avatar
Thanks for the reply! I will update the texture pack when many new textures will be done ^^ To update the pack you just have to download again from this page and replace the old file ;) For the wool: I tried to do a big stitch but if this is too weird I will change it. And YES, I got Discord, here it is: Denisroro#9859 but I also got my official Discord server dedicated to my Youtube Channel, here's the link: discord.gg/VFPYqR9 (It's a French server so don't be surprised if you don't understand anything).
09/07/2018 2:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
FireHeartSK's Avatar
Yea, when I opened my mc I saw the " Texture pack brought by Denisroro" so I checked ur channel, couldnt understand a lot but it was a really good channel from what I saw(also sorry for the late reply) Im starting to get used to the wool but the redstone is just....amazing,and....Will I be announced when an update will occur?I guess Ill have to check ur YouTube channel, right?Also I sent you a friend req ^^
09/07/2018 3:47 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Artist
Denisroro's Avatar
Yeah I'll do a video when I'm updating the texture pack ^^ I don't know if you get a notification if there is an update :/ Maybe you'll get one if you diamond/favorite this pack ^^
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