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                    avatar CheesyxGoodness
                    Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
                    Have you ever wanted to build with vertical planks, dirt slabs, more pillars and bricks without downloading mods or retexturing existing blocks? Look no further!

                    Cheesy's Default+ adds 38 new block variants to use in your builds and makes a few changes to some of the vanilla blocks!

                    But wait, you may ask, how do you add new blocks without using any mods?

                    It's simple! Double slabs!

                    Double slab blocks can technically use a different block model than the original since they register as a separate block. With this resource pack, you can stack two of the same slab to create a whole new block! Want stone pillars? Stack stone brick slabs and they'll magically combine into a new block! Want some mossy granite? Stack granite slabs! It's spectacular!

                    You know that useless Petrified Oak slab? It's been retextured and renamed into the coveted Dirt Slab!

                    But won't some builds look weird for people without this resource pack?

                    Nope! None of these double slab variants deviate from the vanilla theme and I only chose to make models that weren't drastically different from the original block. Sure, seeing a column of stone bricks instead of a pillar might look a bit different but it wouldn't feel too out of place.

                    Do you think the vanilla fences look boring?

                    You can download the Cheesy's Default+ Fences Addon! This additional pack adds some fairly detailed fences to use in your world! My favorite is the Nether Brick fence :D

                    Do you want to be able to craft slabs back into their respective block? Craft dirt slabs too?

                    The Cheesy's Default+ Crafting datapack allows you to do this and more!

                    So what are you waiting for? Download Cheesy's Default+!

                    Future content coming to this resource pack:

                    ~New block variants for smooth sandstone and smooth red sandstone slabs

                    ~Randomized flowers

                    ~Minor GUI tweaks

                    ~Custom door models

                    Join my Discord to see a comprehensive changelog, give feedback, and to stay up-to-date on new releases!


                    Progress90% complete
                    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

                    2 Update Logs

                    Update #2 : 07/29/2020 10:39:43 pmJul 29th, 2020

                    Changes to Pig, Zoglin, and Zombified Piglin textures

                    Changed Witch texture

                    Changed Illusioner Texture

                    Minor changes to certain Illager textures

                    Two new Lily Pad variants

                    I will shortly be releasing a new add-on pack, stay tuned
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                    09/22/2020 9:18 am
                    Level 42 : Master Necromancer
                    Chance you could delete all the files you don't change? It'll reduce the file size greatly, and allow for resource pack stacking (where you have multiple at once).
                    07/12/2020 11:33 amhistory
                    Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
                    There is currently a bug with torch models when not using the addon pack, will fix asap

                    UPDATE: It should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience
                    07/06/2020 12:43 pm
                    Level 1 : New Miner
                    I can't really download any of them if they're in folders. Can you please make the into .zip files?
                    07/06/2020 3:28 pmhistory
                    Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
                    Sure thing! Try again in about half an hour
                    07/07/2020 5:19 am
                    Level 1 : New Miner
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