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Deltarune Funny Stuff (v2 & v2.f)

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Ter157ian avatar Ter157ian
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Deltarune Funny Stuff is a Minecraft resource pack that replaces some resources with Deltarune contents, notably the explosions. Yes, not all of them may not be even funny but let's pretend otherwise (not following this idea is highly recommended), I added them for the fun of it!

With the updated version, Deltarune Funny Stuff now provides content a lot more than the first version does. More renames, textures, Lancer splats, Music, paintings, and best of all, [[​KROMER]] ! !!

Deltarune Funny Stuff (v2.f) replaces all Diamond-related contents with "Frozicide." Though when I thought about it, this would make the pack less humorous and I think many believe the diamond is more preferable. Regardless, there are two with and without "Frozicide." (picking the regular is my recommendation.)

Questions and answers:

Q: Will this resource pack receive any future updates?

A: Most likely no. I have added all the ideas I and everyone had.

Q: Will the resource pack get changed upon the release of future Deltarune chapters? (ex: replacing soundtracks & paintings.)

A: Maybe, maybe not. Deltarune is a huge game and so will get bigger. It will be harder for me to decide what to change. (Can't add "I am making Mac & Cheese" smh.)

Q: Is this resource pack compatible with versions other than 1.17?

A: I don't know. But once I finally create a curse forge account (I am currently having issues with it), I will be also releasing the resource pack there. And possibly release versions of the resource pack including future ones.

Q: I have an idea(s) to suggest! Do you accept and where should I suggest on?

A: I am not open to that right anymore, but you can comment about the idea on this post regardless. Who knows? Maybe I will make another one and will keep YOUR idea(s) in mind!

Q: Someone stole the resource pack and claim it as theirs! Where do I report about it?

A: Right here, in this post!

Q: Anything else?

A: Wait, YOU are the one who is asking--

The features

New textures:

"Shockwave" particles are replaced by the DR explosion (spr_realisticexplosion).

"Milk bucket" replaced by Checker's milk (spr_checkers_milk).

"Pumpkin Pie" is replaced by Butterscotch pie (spr_pie).

"Egg" is replaced by the DR variant (spr_egg).

"Emerald" is replaced by an emerald-colored variant of Kromer (spr_spamton_dollar).



All paintings have been replaced by the following:

1. "Albanian (alban)" replaced by pipis (spr_pipis_egg & spr_pipissign).

2. "de_aztec (aztec)" replaced by a gif of Noelle choking Berdly. This took me an hour to make and solve problems, there is an error below the gif that cannot be solved. (spr_23d_noelle_berdly_shake).

3. "de_aztec (aztec2)" replaced by "Potassium", reference to "Kris Get The Banana" meme (spr_queen_banana).

4. "Target successfully bombed (bomb)" replaced by "Ralsei smoking a blunt" meme.

5. "Kebab med tre pepperoni (kebab)" replaced by Nubert (spr_npc_nubert).

6. "Paradisträd (plant)" replaced by Lancer painting gif (spr_cc_lancerpainting).

7. "Wasteland (wasteland)" replaced by Noelle face sprite with no mouth (found in spr_face_n_matome).

8. "Bonjour monsieur Courbet (courbet)" replaced by "spr_susie_turn_around_dw" and "spr_krisd_dark" (In another term, "courbet" replaced by "God damnit Kris" meme in a painting).

9. "The pool (pool) replaced by a humorous face sprite of Berdly (spr_face_b2, or what I call "Compressed Berdly").

10. "Seaside (sea)" replaced by a sprite of shopkeeper Spamton with the background (spr_shop_spamton3 & spr_shop_spamton_bg).

11. "Seaside (creebet)" replaced by Jevil "I can't do anything" meme (Jevil in a wheelchair).

12. "sunset_dense (sunset)" replaced by Spamton's shop background (spr_shop_spamton_bg).

13. "Graham (graham)" replaced by the original starwalker (spr_ npc_originalstarwalker).

14. "Wanderer (wanderer)" replaced by "Susie_artwork_silent" (One of the concept arts of Susie).

15. "Bust (bust)" replaced by "Kromer Stonks" Spamton meme.

16. "Match (match)" replaced by a painting of a Tasque (spr_tasquepainting).

17. "Moonlight Installation (skull_and_roses)" replaced by cityscape from thr mansion's basement (bg_dw_mansion_basement_cityscape_o).

18. "The stage is set (stage)" replaced by Berdly inside ice crystal (spr_berdly_ice).

19. "The Void (void) replaced by Ralsei laying on the floor (spr_cutscene_10_ralsei_splat).

20. "Wither" replaced by an edit of the painting with Hacker using Diamond Helmet and Shield (spr_cutscene_26_hacker / diamond_helmet.png & shield.png).

21. "Fighters (fighters)" replaced by a painting of DR's town found in its town hall (bg_townhall).

22. "Kong (donkey_kong)" replaced by a windows screen with the queen in it (I couldn't find the file image and had to screenshot it in-game, so no idea what the file name is).

23. "Mortal Coil (skeleton)" replaced by the cityscape from the ferris wheel (spr_mansion_ferris_wheel_bg).

24. "Skull on Fire (burning_skull)" replaced by a painting of the Queen (It is either a sprite or an object, but I think it is "queen_painting").

25. "RGB (pigscene)" replaced by The Roaring scene including titans (Couldn't find it in files, so I took it from Deltarune fandom wiki deltarune.fandom.com/wiki/The_Roaring?file=The_Roaring_screenshot.png).

26. "Pointer (pointer)" replaced by a painting of Spamton (spr_spamton_painting).



New sounds:

Explode Sounds replaced by DR explosion. (snd_badexplosion)

Breaking glass sounds replaced by DR breaking glass. (snd_glassbreak)

Firework activate sound replaced by DR variant. (snd_firework_send)

Firework explosion sounds replaced by the two DR variants. (snd_explosion_firework & snd_explosion_firework_bc)

Open and close door sounds replaced by the DT variants (snd_dooropen & snd_doorclose)

Sounds played by all variants of slimes and slime blocks are replaced by Lancer's splat noise (snd_splat)

Slimes' attack sounds are replaced by Lancer's splat noise as reversed (snd_reverse_splat).




Music Disc "C418 - 13" replaced by soundtrack "A CYBER'S WORLD? (cyber)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - cat" replaced by soundtrack "Field of Hopes and Dreams (field_of_hopes)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - blocks" replaced by soundtrack "Pandora Palace (mansion)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - chirp" replaced by soundtrack "Smart Race (berdly_chase)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - far" replaced by soundtrack "Vs. Lancer (lancerfight)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - mall" replaced by soundtrack "Chaos King (kingboss)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - mellohi" replaced by soundtrack "THE WORLD REVOLVING" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - stal" replaced by soundtrack "Cyber Battle (Solo) [​Failed to find the file name]" by Toby Fox and Lena Raine.

Music Disc "C418 - strad" replaced by soundtrack "It's Pronounced "Rules" (rouxls_battle)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - ward" replaced by soundtrack "Lost Girl (noelle_normal)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - 11" replaced by soundtrack "BIG SHOT (spamton_neo_mix_ex_wip)" by Toby Fox.

Music Disc "C418 - wait" replaced by soundtrack "Attack of the Killer Queen (queen_boss)" by Toby Fox, Lena Raine, Marcy Nabors.

Music Disc "Lena Raine - Pigstep" replaced by soundtrack "Checker Dance (checkers)" by Toby Fox.




The name of the Music Disc "C418 - 11" replaced by "Entry - 17" (I am an honest man, ain't declaring anything as secrets!)

All the names of Splash Potions are replaced by "Throwing Glass" and the name of the effect is placed before it. Plus with the following traits: Potions with no effects = (Safe), potions with both positive and negative effects = (IDK), Potions with positive effects = (Good), potions with negative effects = (Bad), potions with damaging effects = (Poison or Harming, potions with these effects are called "Extra Dangerous Throwing Glass"), and potions with healing effects = (Potassium).

"Obsidian" and its crying variant is renamed to "Bubsidian" (And so its mentions in advancements.)

"Milk Bucket" is renamed to "Almond Milk Carton"

"Emerald Ore" is renamed to "Kromer Ore"

"Deepslate Emerald Ore" is renamed to "Deepslate Kromer Ore"

"Block of Kromer" is renamed to "Block of Kromer"

"Emerald" is renamed to "Kromer"

All Music Discs are renamed to the soundtracks they now play. Both the name of the soundtracks and the composer(s)


With the Frozicide version:

"Diamond" is replaced by an edited version of Frozen Berdly without him (spr_berdly_ice).

Diamond tools, sword, armor, and horse armor are replaced by "Frozicide" variants.

Both normal and deepslate diamond ores are replaced by the "Frozicide" variant.

"Block Of Diamond" is replaced by a "Frozicide" variant.

"Diamond ore" is renamed to "Frozicide Ore"

"Deepslate Diamond ore" is renamed to "Deepslate Frozicide Ore"

"Block of Diamond" is renamed to " Block of Frozicide"

"Diamond" is renamed to "Frozicide Chunk"

"Diamond Sword" is renamed to "Frozicide Sword"

"Diamond Shovel" is renamed to "Frozicide Shovel"

"Diamond Pickaxe" is renamed to "Frozicide Pickaxe"

"Diamond Axe" is renamed to "Frozicide Axe"

"Diamond Hoe" is renamed to "Frozicide Hoe"

"Diamond Helmet" is renamed to "Frozicide Helmet"

"Diamond Chestplate" is renamed to "Frozicide Chestplate"

"Diamond Leggings" is renamed to "Frozicide Leggings"

"Diamond Boots" is renamed to "Frozicide Boots"

"Diamond Horse Armor" is renamed to "Frozicide Horse Armor"

Subtitle "Diamond armor clangs" for the six sounds "equip_diamond1, equip_diamond2, equip_diamond3, equip_diamond4, equip_diamond5, equip_diamond6" changes to "Frozicide armor clanges"

"Diamonds!" advancement is renamed to "Frozen Nightmares"

In-game description of the "Diamonds!" advancement "Acquire diamonds" changes to "Acquire frozicide chunks"

"Cover Me With Diamonds" advancement is renamed to "Getting Stronger."

In-game description of the "Cover Me With Diamonds" advancement "Diamond armor saves lives" changes to "Protects."


All of the contents in this pack are from Deltarune and Undertale. (yunno.)

Deltarune Funny Stuff (DFS) Resource pack by Ter157ian.

Undertale & Deltarune by Toby Fox.


Deltarune Funny Stuff (v2.f) rar

Deltarune Funny Stuff (v2.f) zip

CreditUndertale & Deltarune by Toby Fox.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17

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03/15/2022 7:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
randomkyraki avatar
hey i tried this texture pack in 1.17 like it said, but the only things that work is music disc 11, the milk bucket, and the door sound effect, idk if this is a glitch or something buut yeah
03/25/2022 5:33 amhistory
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Ter157ian avatar
Hmm, do you have other texture packs enabled in the game? Unless DFS is already prioritized, the texture pack can be replaced by the content other texture packs provide.

Regardless, an updated version has been released, and I plan to release prior versions. Consider v2 and v2.f as outdated.
01/26/2022 5:38 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
NickTM57 avatar
I love this pack but, I would love to see version for 1.18.1. Also could you add another disc if possible with empty town music from chapter 1.
03/25/2022 5:27 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Ter157ian avatar
The new updated version is here!

...Also no Empty Town, sorry.
12/01/2021 10:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Retro_Nitro avatar
I literally made this account just to tell you to PLEASE update this pack for 1.18,i got so used to it that i cannot look at my paintings,personal Berdly parrot and just about every explosion i've ever heard with this on without feeling slightly empty!
03/25/2022 5:25 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Ter157ian avatar
I am sorry for the long waiting. Here is finally an updated 1.18 DFS!
01/13/2022 6:06 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Ter157ian avatar
Hello, sorry for the late response! As for this resource pack, I am not just planning to update it to 1.18, but to add and update the contents I got in mind. Plus, I am planning on adding this resource pack in Curseforge as different versions, though the "Frozicide" version will be an exception.
11/21/2021 7:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Perhaps_spider avatar
Very funny, will install. Thank you
10/14/2021 1:40 am
Level 21 : Expert Goblin
diohotlips avatar
big shot dont work it plays vs lancer
10/15/2021 3:55 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
Ter157ian avatar
That is strange. I have rechecked both variants of v2 and "BIG SHOT" still works for me. Are you sure you picked the right music disc? "11" is the one replaced by "BIG SHOT" while "far" is replaced by "Vs. Lancer"
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