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Endless Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

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EErikRG avatar EErikRG
Level 36 : Artisan Miner
This is a resource pack for Minecraft, as its name implies, is one with a "endless" of textures and customizations that adds to the game.It includes with variants of it, only that adds different things to the game, as it is an approach to realism that combined with some mods becomes one very similar to the most realistic that can be done without shaders.

The Resource Pack has custom names in Spanish (Spain)

This resource pack replaces not only the default textures (Resources), adds to what are called "Block variants"
In addition, has some 3d models and damaged items (3d models, item Damaged), with things with different textures for each number of stack (Stacked Items).
Also included is a bundle of resources for (Item Bound and Mods Patched) mods that replaces textures of the famous Thaumcraft 5 mod, BiomesOpently, Though as Nails, (For now these RP Mods Patched textures do not include for Thaumcraft 5 and BiomesO 'pently, I'll add them when I find your location) soon add for more mods.
The resource pack has "ligthmap" and custom skies.
I'll be posting updates soon :).

The resource packs are compressed into a single file,
So you will have to extract them all and move them to the folder "resourcepacks"
and ready.
If you have any suggestions, comment on the comments tray.
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

2 Update Logs

The Update of Everything : by EErikRG 03/31/2018 12:52:07 amMar 31st, 2018

The update of all content brings replacements of textures already implemented by original resource package, also contains things that will be implemented in the future minecraft 1.13 giving them a preview of what will be the textures that I will use for 1.13 (Not yet confirmed). Specifying each added thing:

-Resource Pack
1.-Added bed textures
2.-Added new textures for interfaces
3.-Changed hotbar texture
4.-Changed cooldown icon cross texure
5.-Changed option button texture
6.-Added new Java Edition beta tittle
7.-Changed glass block texture
8.-Changed glass pane texture
9.-Changed armor icon texture
10.-Added new armor icon model (3d Models RP)
11.-Changed armor texture
12.-Changed ender dragon texture
13.-Changed all types llama textures
14.-Added new item/handheld model (3d Models RP)
15.-Added new item/generated model (3d Models RP)
16.-Added new ender dragon fireball texture
17.-Changed critical particles
18.-Changed sharpness particles
19.-Changed attack damage indicator particle
20.-Changed foliage and grass color
21.-Added new stone button model (3d Models RP)
22.-Added new wooden button model (3d Models RP)
23.-Changed iron weapons and tools texures
24.-Changed gold weapons and tools texures
25.-Changed diamond weapons and tools texures
26.-Added animation for diamond ore texure
27.-Added animation for iron ore texure
28.-Added animation for gold ore texure
29.-Added animation for redstone ore texure
20.-Change redstone block texure
21.-Changed nether portal frame
22.-Changed pigman texture
23.-Changed husk texure
24.-Changed zombie texture
25.-Changed water bucket texure
26.-Changed water block texure
27.-Changed wolf texure
28.-Added new shears damage texures (3d Models RP)
29.-Added new flint and steel damage texure (3d Models RP)
30.-Changed sun texture
32.-Changed moon texture
33.-Added new fence models (3d Models RP)
34.-Added new fence gate models (3d Models RP)
35.-Changed iron trapdoor texure
36.-Fixed some custom item and block names
37.-Between other things

This update contains more sounds for things that already exist in the game, for example: Dead blaze sound (sound / blaze_death1, sound / blaze_death2)

-Sounds Pack
1.-Added new sound por blaze death
2.-Added new sound for to recover fishing rod bobber
3.-Added new sound for to grown fishing rod bobber
4.-Added new sound for rowing boat
5.-Added new sound for ender dragon death
6.-Added new music for game
7-Added new sound for place ender eye on end frame
8.-Added new sound for ender portal open
9.-Added new sound for ender eye lauch
10.-Added new sound for ender eye destroy
11.-Added sound for evocation illager tramps
12.-Added new sounds for Llamas
13.-Added new sound for evocation illager cheat
14.-Added new sound for end entrance
15.-Added new sound for unlock advancement
16.-Added new sound for unlock great advancement
17.-Changed hurt sounds
18.-Added sound for cursing evocation illager
19.-Change break glass sound
20.-Added more sounds for some things already existing in the game
21.-Changed spider sounds
22.-Between other sounds

This update brings content from the famous Optifine mod implementing emissive textures, new customized objects, new variants of mobs. Specifying each added thing:

-Optifine Pack
1.-Changed entity model for husk
2.-Changed entity model for zombie
3.-Changed entity model for pigman
4.-Changed entity model for stray
5.-Changed entity model for skeleton
7.-Added dragon breath emmisive texture
8.-Added magma cream emmisive teture
9.-Added new blaze rod emmisive texture
10.-Added ender crystal emmisive texture
11.-Added comparator emmisive texture
12.-Added repeater emmisive texture
13.-Added ender eye emmisive texture
14.-Added blaze powder emmisive texture
15.-Added lava bucket emmisive texture
16.-Added glowstone dust emmisive texture
17.-Added fireball emmisive texture
18.-Added end frame emmisive texture
19.-Added observer back and front emmisive texture
20.-Added pumpkin emmisive texture
21.-Added torch emmisive texture
22.-Added magma block emmisive texture
23.-Added husk emmisive texture
24.-Added villager zombie emmisive texture
25.-Added zombie emmisive texture
26.-Added ghast emmisive texture
27.-Added electric creeper emmisive texture
28.-Added dragon fireball emmisive texture
29.-Added enderman emmisive texture
30.-And other emmisive texture
31.-Eliminated some animated icon effect textures
32.-Added armor animation texures
33.-Added custom name model golem
34.-Changed color map
35.-Changed mycelium praticle color
36.-Added new husk varint textures
37.-Added new zombie variant textures
38.-Added new magmablock varint textures
39.-Added new blaze variant textures
40.-Added new wolf variant textures
41.-Added new silverfish variant textures
42.-Added new pigman variant textures
43.-Adde new steve variant textures
44.-Added new alex variant textures
45.-Added new iron golem variant textures
46.-Added new spider variant textures
47.-Added new wither boss variant textures
48.-Added new sheep textures
49.-Added new fur sheep texures
50.-Changed nether portal particle
51.-Changed llama spawn egg color
52.-Changed text.code color
53.-Changed night sky tetxure
54.-Changed enchanted book texture
55.-Added new flame bow emmisive texture
56.-Added new item ender eye stack texture
57.-Changed glistering melon stack texture
58.-Added new customizable shield texture (Not recommended use)
59.-Added new awkward potion texture (lingering and splash)
60.-Added new mundane potion texture (lingering and splash)
61.-Added new thick potion texture (lingering and splash)
62.-Added new awkward tipped arrow texture
63.-Added new mundane tipped arrow texture
64.-Added new thick tipped arrow texture
65.-Added new totem items customizable on anvil
66.-Between other things

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11/13/2018 9:12 pm
Level 1 : New Network
lugiagameryt avatar
are you gonna update this?
06/23/2018 10:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
NullAndVoid avatar
how 2 install?
03/30/2018 11:29 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Miner
EErikRG avatar
Today New Update!!!!!
02/11/2018 10:51 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Engineer
Swierzy avatar
please reupload sounds pack!
01/03/2018 11:45 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Architect
cakedon avatar
I cant dwnload the sounds pack
11/13/2017 7:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
HybridNao avatar
I downloaded both but i only see the sound file not the other part :/
10/26/2017 12:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Eclipzze avatar
I have no words to say how A W E S O M E this pack is. Omg keep with the good work.
09/09/2017 9:48 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xJulka avatar
Jak wyłączyć 3D liście ?
08/20/2017 8:30 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Miner
EErikRG avatar
Thanks, soon new update :)
08/20/2017 4:53 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Hunter
okHalflove avatar
Looks like a more rustic and less pentagony sphax pack, I like it :P
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