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Maffhew avatar Maffhew
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Princess
Excalibur is a resource pack created to enhance the adventure that Minecraft presents. Excalibur brings your kingdoms and villages to life while keeping the charm of the default resolution textures.

Discuss Excalibur on Discord: https://discord.gg/qYZ9Pen

License and Usage:

Excalibur by Matt Dillow (Maffhew) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

In other words:
- You may not redistribute this pack and claim it as your own.
- You may not redistribute this pack without a link to this thread or Planet Minecraft.
- You may not put money-making links such as adf.ly links with this work under any circumstances.
- You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
- You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

Noncommercial Waiver:
- You may use this Resource Pack as a part of any Minecraft-related video including those
which are created for commercial purposes or are monetized by advertising, as long as there's a direct link to this thread.

Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from Maffhew

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Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

7 Update Logs

V[1.16] : 01/23/2021 10:06:13 pmJan 23rd

-added chiseled netherbricks
-added cracked netherbicks
-updated netherbrick doubleslab
-updated red netherbrick + added variants
-added shroomlight
-added zombie piglin
-added quartz bricks
-added warped wart block
-updated nether wart block
-added weeping vines
-added crying obsidian
-added warped fungus + 3D model
-added warped fungus on a stick
-added crimson planks
-added crimson door
-added crimson nylium
-added crimson roots
-added warped nylium
-added warped roots
-added netherite tools
-added netherite block
-added pigstep music disc
-added lodestone
-added target block
-added crimson stem
-added warped stem
-added soul fire

-fixed stonebrick wall
-updated sandstone wall
-adjusted lava and magma colors
-adjusted lightmaps
-tweaked many items
-added drowned
-added banner pattern items
-added tube coral block
-adjusted wool textures up 1 pixel
-added brown carpet texture (bear fur)
-added potted dead bush model
-added lantern item models
-added custom barrels with optifine
-adjusted wall torch model
-adjusted redstone torch models
-adjusted spruce trapdoor
-adjusted dark oak trapdoor + door
-added seagrass cattails with optifine
-added poppy model
-updated oxeeye daisy
-adjusted farmland sides
-adjusted potato model and texture
-adjusted beetroot model
-tweaked oak leaf highlights
-adjusted beds
-updated gold helmet to a crown
-updated concrete powders
-added smithing table UI
-added stonecutter model
-added loom model
-adjusted cartography table model
-updated iron colors (lanterns, chains, iron bars, rails, etc)
-updated lever texture
-updated oak pressure plate
-updated stone pressure plate
-added jungle pressure plate model
-added buckets (warped button)
-added books (crimson button)
-added animation to flame particle
-added log pile (extinguished soul campfire)
-adjusted polished andesite color
-adjusted dark oak fence post texture
-adjusted fence tops
-updated stained glass
-updated observer
-updated daylight sensor
-removed iron bell (dragon egg)
-updated spruce log
-updated acacia log
-updated log tops
-updated stripped jungle log
-updated jungle plank doubleslab top

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06/23/2021 2:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
roostman23 avatar
can you plz make 1.17
06/01/2021 6:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Jnblanco99 avatar
Why didn't you make the texture of the netherite armor?
05/18/2021 7:33 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Mage
TorrentIvy avatar
05/13/2021 6:50 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
ThePizzaisAgressive avatar
Thanks for the update!
04/29/2021 5:04 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
immortalcatz avatar
Love the pack, just wondering what map is in the picture on here and which map is in the panorama background in the pack. They both look cool.
04/27/2021 2:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Megacade avatar
Permission to use on my multiplayer server as a suggested texture pack?
04/28/2021 3:02 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Princess
Maffhew avatar
02/19/2021 7:26 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
n_jayne avatar
This is one of my favorite packs of all time, so happy to see it updated!! Thank you!!
02/04/2021 6:21 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
planetminecraftbrowser avatar
I'm in love with these sandstone textures.
01/26/2021 3:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GutzGoree avatar
hey may i ask what shaders you used for this?? i cant seem to find any that fit with the pack
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