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PepeTheRoya avatar PepeTheRoya
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
Hi, and welcome to this page. If you guys know who Fruitberries is on YouTube then you probably already guessed why I did this pack. I did this Texture Pack for fun and
for others to use, so feel free to download this Texture Pack :)

If anybody wants to help me with this fan-made Texture Pack then just DM my twitter @pimanroya

Thanks for checking out this Texture Pack make sure to download it and give it a try
Make sure to give this a Diamond or a Heart because that would really help me out.

Package info:
Custom Language (colorful UI) Options... > Language... > Fruitberries (US)
Armor smooth and outlined
Ores outlined
Almost every food texture is black outlined (making a separate pack for smoothness and FPS Boost)

Texture Pack made by: Adrovide AKA PepeTheRoya, CraftTheGuide

Note: The Texture Pack is not fully done yet.
CreditCraftTheGuide, Adrovide AKA PepeTheRoya
Progress75% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.8.9

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by PepeTheRoya 10/19/2019 5:35:05 amOct 19th, 2019

I changed the armor and made some outlines for it and make matching colors and, the armor is pretty smooth.
I fixed all the other armor layers too, I even fixed the items.png's and made them even smoother for FPS Boost.
I also fixed the ores, diamond ore and diamond is now blue again and emerald is also fixed.
Fixed the food too, I made almost every food with black outlines but I'm gonna make a separate pack for the smooth x16 and x32 without the weird outlines.
Made matching colors for the sword and all tools, and even fixed the bow, fishing rod, buckets, and ender pearl.
I fixed the languages, If you want the colorful UI for the menu then go to Options... > Language... > Fruitberries (US)
Then once you selected the language you will have a colorful UI.

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