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Ghoulcraft [Furniture] Pack (10/20/20)

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To Run Ghoulcraft in 1.16, please download the newest version of Optifine. You may need to click on "preview versions" in order to see the newest one! Ghoulcraft works in 1.13 up to 1.16 (and should work in future versions as well), so long as Optifine supports CIT/CEM. You can check their updates/discord for information on what each preview version supports!


Ghoulcraft is now available for Bedrock Edition [http://bit.ly/3pStVKq] However, the page you are on right now, is for Java only!
For more information about bedrock, visit KaoMC's Discord: [https://discord.gg/3QSE4mDqQd]



Mizuno's Terms of Use (TOU)


Ghoulcraft - Terms Of Use (TOU)

All Models created by Ghoulcraft are the intellectual property of MissGhouls,
unless otherwise noted (ie: Contest models created by other artists, and several
other models/textures owned by Mizuno).

β€» Do not redistribute the pack as your own, or claim it as your own creation. (This includes porting the pack to BE/PE)
β€» Do not modify the pack without express written permission from MissGhouls.
β€» Do not upload the packs to any websites.
β€» Do not claim the models or textures as your own.
β€» Do not modify the models or textures without express permission from MissGhouls.
β€» Do not steal the models & make "remix" packs.

Welcome to Ghoulcraft!

Ghoulcraft is a Custom-Model Resource Pack (also known as a CIT pack) that changes the way regular vanilla items appear in Item frames, allowing you to decorate your world with furniture, weapons, tools, food, and so much more!

This pack focuses on Modern/City items!
To see a full Catalog of every item in this pack, Click Here!


1) Install Optifine for your version of MC (1.13+)
2) Download The Ghoulcraft Packs you like, and place them in your Resource Pack folder.
3) Download Mizuno's CIT pack (Required in order to make table legs work). Find it Here
4) Download an Invisible Item Frame Resource Pack. (I like This One From Mizuno) and add it to your Resource Pack Folder.
5) Open Minecraft & Turn on all the Resource Packs (You should have at least one Ghoulcraft pack, Mizuno's CIT, and an Invisible Item Frame Pack. You can turn on more than one Ghoulcraft Pack at a time!
6) Open up a server or world, and find an anvil. Using the Catalog, Find the item you like, and rename it according to the chart. If you did it correctly, the item will change models inside the anvil.
7) For furniture items, place an item frame according to the chart, and place your furniture inside it to display it.

If you are still having problems and cannot get the pack to work, please check the [​Ghoulcraft Help Page] or Join the CIT discord (not the MC server discord). Links to the discord are at the bottom of the description.

Be aware, these items are not solid. They can be walked through.
Some items (like counters, sofas, stoves, fridges, etc) can be placed On Top of other items,
to disguise barrels, chests, hoppers, etc and give the illusion that they are functional.

You can place a piece of string on top of the item frame (by clicking on the block behind the frame, carefully) to hide the floating names, as long as you don't mind a floating piece of string in it's place.

((Plants & additional items in preview photos may belong to MizunoCIT. See Below for Details!))


If you enjoy this pack, and would like to support it's creator (or have an item of your choice/design added to future packs!) Please consider supporting us on Patreon!

Ghoulcraft [Furniture] Pack (10/20/20) Minecraft Texture Pack
Ghoulcraft [Furniture] Pack (10/20/20) Minecraft Texture Pack
Ghoulcraft [Furniture] Pack (10/20/20) Minecraft Texture Pack




The original textures belong to Mizuno, who has graciously given me permission to use them.

You are welcome to use Ghoulcraft on your servers, but please give credit when possible.

I do not give permission to use my models in mods, to upload Ghoulcraft to any other websites, or to use the name "Ghoulcraft Resource Pack" without asking me privately first. Ghoulcraft is found only on Ghoulcraft.com and on PMC.

Do not download Ghoulcraft from any other website, as i cannot guarantee the safety of the link!

CreditMizuno, M_Sebascha
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

3 Update Logs

10/20/20 Update : by MissGhouls 10/20/2020 12:54:07 pmOct 20th, 2020

Fixed a few minor bugs:

- windowseats fixed
- Sofa Purple (all) fixed
- (some) counter bottom textures fixed
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