iSIGHT Monochromacy Color Blindness Texture Pack Addon Type 1 | [1.14.x] | RGB weakness | Colour Vision Deficiency Aid | Full Colour Blindness - maybe also Achromatopsia | Glow in the Dark (Optifine)

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                    avatar Meridiana
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist

                    Total Color Blindness Pack Type 1
                    • RGB Colour Vision Deficiency Aid for Achromatomaly / Weaker "Monochromacy" - Maybe also suited for Achromatopsia, if you prefer this texture style and you got not a too low visual acuity
                    • Glow in the Dark (Optifine)

                      Goal of iSIGHT is to facilitate gaming in Minecraft for people with red-, green-, blue-deficiency or even total colour-blindness, and to raise awareness amongst other creators.

                      I'd love to bring a bit more variation into colour-vision-deficient people's MC life, or at least facilitate to differentiate between e.g. ores, armour, weapons and tools, and more!

                      iSIGHT Monochromacy v0.01 showcase + additional info
                      - Video for iSIGHT Monochromacy v0.01 will follow as soon as possible -

                      +++ YOU CAN ALSO USE THIS PACK WITHOUT OPTIFINE! +++
                      INFORMATIONAL DISPLAYS (coming soon!) IF YOU USE OPTIFINE!

                      I hope you enjoy!
                      More to come!

                      Kind regards,

                      This pack adds/changes:
                      - Ores with high saturation and contrast, with emissive textures (Optifine)

                      - gold ingot with "24K" and mirrored, to avoid confusion of gold for iron ingot.
                      - splashes.txt
                      - pack-icon
                      - pack.mcmeta-file
                      - changelog.txt
                      - credits.txt

                      +++ NOTE: The resolution varies from 16px up to 64px, dependent on texture type! +++
                      +++ If it's more than a 16px texture, it's usually just a higher-resolution texture on top of a +++
                      +++ DEFAULT
                      Vanilla 16px texture, to fit more smoothly into the rest of Vanilla Default! +++

                      iSIGHT planned additions in total, at the very least:
                      iSIGHT plans

                      Progress5% complete
                      Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.1

                      01/15/2020 1:09 pm
                      Level 1 : New Miner
                      I play alot of games with my family and i recently got my dad into minecraft and hes fully colorblind(they think he sees everything in shades of brown? But everything is essentially the same color) and hes been having a really hard time seeing any of the ores (he keeps thinking diorite is iron ore) or the difference between the stones (andesite looks just like gravel looks just like stone) so hes kindof limmited himself to making catacombs and waiting untill i bring him tools to use because he cant find iron consistantly(or anything consistantly for that matter)
                      We should be playing again this week and i want to test this out with him, see if he likes it.
                      Thank you so much for making this, i know itll make his experience way better.
                      01/16/2020 5:37 am
                      Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                      Hello, that makes me so very happy! What I love about Minecraft is that age doesn't matter, it's a game for everyone. I plan to flesh out all iSIGHT packs little by little, so e.g. also no confusion between the armour and weapon types can happen anymore!

                      There's another iSIGHT Monochromacy pack, it's meant for those who also got low/reduced eyesight, and see things more blurry, as this not rarely goes hand in hand with Monochromacy. In case your father has reduced vision and doesn't mind straying off further from Vanilla Default, have a look at this one, where I use symbols for each ore:

                      Do you know Optifine? If you use the iSIGHT packs with Optifine and have emissive textures turned on, the ores will shine in the dark! And that would be even easier then for your father to differentitate.

                      I will make sure in future updates/additions that the different stone types will be distinctively different enough, but as close to Default as possible, of course, and, regarding all those coloured blocks such as e.g. wool, clay, cement: I think making them having different patterns could look very nice! They would be super easy to distinguish from each other, and on top one would have more patterns, which could make the world a bit more beauitful for someone who quasi sees Black and White (or Brown and White).

                      Thanks so much for your comment, it made me truly very happy, that also the Monocrome pack is useful for someone, considering how rare this colour vision deficiency is.

                      If you, or your dad, have any feedback, please let me know!!
                      This pack is made for people liek your dad, and thus, the more affected people actively work with me on this pack, the better it can be for everyone!

                      Have a wonderful day, take care,
                      10/20/2019 8:41 pm
                      Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
                      I'm not color blindness but it's looks really helpful and the glow in the dark thing looks so good, nice work!
                      10/22/2019 5:28 am
                      Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                      Hello dyliams!
                      Yes, of course, this pack is also in many ways very helpful for regular-sighted people like you and me! :))

                      Happy it is of use to you, more content will follow over time!

                      If you like, check out also the iSIGHT pack for people with Blue-deficiency, maybe you would like that, too! It looks just like regular Vanilla ores, just made Iron Ore whiter, and turned emerald into ruby ore!

                      Kind regards, have a wonderful day,
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