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Jaden's Nether Expansions (Optifine Required)

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JadenXgamer avatar JadenXgamer
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter

Jaden's Nether Expansions (Optifine Required) Minecraft Texture Pack

Nether Expansions Aims to Improve Vanilla 1.16+ Nether using

Features such as CTM Overlays, Custom Item Textures, Biome Dependent Variants and More and all WITHOUT replacing Anything!

You can download the Optional Datapack by clicking on this link!

Trouble Shooting Common Problems

This pack Requires Optifine to work Properly so if you think some features don't work make sure you have it properly installed first

If you see that the Datapack Custom Biome's Textures aren't loading in then make sure to press F3 + T this is a optifine bug but it can be fixed by reloading the pack this way

If you are looking for a Detailed Wiki on all the Pack's Features then Check out the Discord Server! we have a complete list of every feature in there
And you can get Sneak Peeks into the Pack's Future Updates early!

Jaden's Nether Expansions (Optifine Required) Minecraft Texture Pack

If you Enjoyed the Pack then Be sure to give it a Diamond and Favorite it, and also Consider subscribing since i make Many more Cool Packs such as this one and it Really Helps keep me motivated to make these!

Pack Credits
Pack Credits

Minecraft Dungeons - Many Ideas were Ported from MCDungeons
Icedmi - For Redesigning the Old Soul Slate
Sydney - For Suggesting the Name Soul Slate
fooff's Pack Shields+ - For showing me you can do CIT for Shields
Stefan's Pack Better Vanilla Building - For showing you how to Add Custom Blocks without Replacing Anything Else
Nebby - For Suggesting the name for The Scorched
Tamakii - For helping to make Screaming Basalt, The Obsolete, naturally generating Basalt Spikes and many Fungus based blocks
kekman - Gave Dungeons textures so it's easier for me to recreate them
OliviaTheVampire - Made an Awesome Golden Bricks Texture
PinkuRinku - also Helped get the Textures for Dungeons
Krillo - Made the Scarlet Gorge assets and came up with the biome's idea
TearsOFLov - Made the Hanging Crimson and Warped Roots
Slice - Came up with the Soul Forests Idea and made all of it's textures, also helped make Colormap Lava
Nekomaster - Came up with the original idea of the Trampler
Minecraft Earth - Some ideas were also ported from Minecraft Earth

What you can and cannot do with the pack
1. Don't re-upload this pack on any other websites

2. Don't Take Assets such as Textures, Models or Worldgen Code without asking for permission first!

3. If you want to use this pack for a server please Don't set it as a Server Resource Pack! but instead manually download it from this page
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18.1

5 Update Logs

Release 1.1.1 | 1.18.2 - One Year Anniversary Update Changelog : by JadenXgamer 05/27/2022 1:51:31 pmMay 27th, 2022

Jaden's Nether Expansions Release 1.1.1 | 1.18 - One Year Anniversary Update


-Resource Pack has been updated to 1.18.2 and many of the old overlays have been given different block combinations
-Brimstone uses Deepslate instead of stone
-Polished Netherrack uses Deepslate instead of stone
-Gold Building Blocks use Deepslate instead of stone
-Soulslate uses Deepslate instead of stone
-Mossy Polished Netherrack uses Moss Blocks instead of mossy stone bricks

DATAPACK EXLUSIVE FEATURES - (Unzip the Resource Pack or download from Here)

-Datapack has been updated to 1.18.2 but currently lacks all worldgen for the time being


-Temporarily Removed Worldgen and Custom Biomes

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12/06/2022 9:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
rmfranco avatar
Just to confirm, these textures are for a data pack, not vanilla?
12/07/2022 5:46 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter
JadenXgamer avatar
The datapack is Optional, this pack works without the datapack just fine. but it's recommended you get it too for the best experience
09/30/2022 11:17 am
Level 21 : Expert Birb
Psevdo avatar
32x when
10/29/2022 5:09 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter
JadenXgamer avatar
09/01/2022 9:51 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Modder
Anima_Regret avatar
I can use the texture for a mod ?
09/05/2022 4:40 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter
JadenXgamer avatar
sorry but no
06/13/2022 9:41 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Lumberjack
i dont understand why these type of packs arent popular, but then something cheesy is
06/15/2022 6:37 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter
JadenXgamer avatar
Because Planet Minecraft, the amount of lazy and trash content that gets uploaded every day overshadows the good stuff, one of the reasons why i don't use this site to find packs or mods, it's just impossible to find the quality content here
01/08/2023 2:41 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
JimTop avatar
What site do you recommend to find the quality stuff?
01/17/2023 6:18 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter
JadenXgamer avatar
Modrinth is a good one, but Curse Forge is also full of great stuff
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