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Matching Block UI - Faithful Addon [1.16] (32x32)

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PixelEagle138 avatar PixelEagle138
Level 34 : Artisan Lego Builder
Intractable blocks in Minecraft all have unique textures. It's easy to tell apart a Blast Furnace from a Smoker, but once your interact with the block, that unique texture disappears behind a pretty plain UI. This pack is designed to change that and let the blocks keep their unique textures whether they're open or not!

Made by PixelEagle138, this resource pack incorporates block textures into nearly every UI while remaining loyal to the basic Faithful design. The Crafting Table UI looks like a Crafting Table, the Brewing Stand UI looks like a Brewing Stand, and so much more!

- Crafting Table
- Stonecutter
- Furnace
- Blast Furnace
- Smoker
- Chest (including Christmas variants)
- Barrel
- Shulker Box (based on color)
- Anvil
- Hopper
- Dispenser/Dropper
- Cartography Table
- Loom
- Grindstone
- Enchanting Table
- Brewing Stand
- Beacon
- Recipie Book (including "New Recipe" popup)
- Villager (based on profession)
- Wandering Trader
- Smithing Table


- Optifine is not yet out for 1.16, so not all textures will work in the latest version (1.15.2 has pre-versions of Optifine, so this pack works there).
- Optifine does not yet support changing Chest Minecart UI separately from the regular Chest UI, so the header text will overlap its box. There is currently no way to fix this until support is added, but I do plan to update this pack as soon as it is.

- This pack requires Optifine in order to fully work
- This is intended as an addon to the Faithful resource pack
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

2 Update Logs

Pack Update - Version 1.1 : 06/23/2020 11:04:16 amJun 23rd, 2020

The Nether Update is here! That means it's time for the pack update I promised!
Please note that since development on Optifine for 1.16 has not even started yet, not all textures will work properly in the newest version.

- Renamed pack and edited readme to indicate update to 1.16
- Added Smithing Table UI
- Added Toast UI (Recipie Book popup)
- Updated Beacon UI
- Updated Anvil UI
- Updated Recipie Book UI
- Updated Furnace UI

Just click the download button to get the new version of the pack! Thank you for downloading, and I look forward to future updates for this pack!

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07/22/2020 8:37 am
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06/25/2020 7:13 pmhistory
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I no like Faithful Textures ;-;
Original Its Better...
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