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Reijvi avatar Reijvi
Level 70 : Legendary Fox
Reimagined Minecraft Texture PackImage Gallery

I've always liked the default look of minecraft, but I've had one issue with it, it doesn't feel alive, textures repeats constantly and many items doesn't make any sense and so on. So I set out to create a pack that should be able to immerse yourself into the game as much as possible (for a pixel game that usually uses 16x16 pixels for blocks)

Fresh Animations Compatibility Patch
Dark GUI

Night Panorama

Reimagined 3D+
Bushy Leaves Enabler
White Colormap Fix

Bushy Leaves Disabler (this is now a standard feature after v1.21)

Emissive Ores
Dark Mode GUI

Furnaces Reimagined
Armorstands Reimagined
Bees Reimagined
Creepers Reimagined

Join the "Reimagined" Discord here and come & chat!

The pack at the moment is far from done, and my final vision for this game is literal dozens if not hundreds of mob and block variants, while also animating them! But also in general just improving all of my personal problems I have with the default textures.

What the pack will offer you is a bunch of new fluid animations like these:

Reimagined Minecraft Texture Pack

Reimagined Minecraft Texture Pack

Jack o Lanterns


But the animations are just the beginning of what this pack offers and is planned to offer, since it's very far from even being called finished with what my vision for this pack is.

The pack randomizes mobs, textures, some have literal hundreds of variants atm with their different stone shading! It fixes dozens of inconsistencies in minecraft, like forgotten textures that never got updated to textures that uses completely different colormaps/color palettes when they are the same material!

The gui have made remade, now the recipe book is an actual book!

Fire now finally have consistent textures with their campfire counterparts, particles have been fixed to match also their counter parts like flames and lava.
Paintings have been improved, we've got the old 1.12 menu finally back, reworked sounds, and oh so much more! and much more planned!

It is recommended to play on the US English language, since I've renamed and modified a few text colors and names, some of which affect the gui!


Finally I'd like give huge thanks to un_roman for being super kind and offering to make the creeper, icons and colormap reimagined texts for the pack!
And RickyMemester for letting me borrow a few of his original ore texture variants which I've previously used in my older "Randomize It" pack!

Finally thanks a ton to DartCat25 for letting me borrow his shader from his "Menus - Enchanted" pack for this to work

Shout out to the amazing people whose willing to give me some money for tea via my patreon! <3





Download link doesn't work? Try this one instead! Cus the pack exists on curseforge to download too!

Creditun_roman for logo texts and Rickymemester for letting me use a few of his ore variants
Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

66 Update Logs

v1.35 | Simplified torches, mod compatiblity, dead leaves and so on! : by Reijvi 08/06/2022 12:22:30 pmAug 6th

-a new brewing stand model with emissives and fancier colorful potions
-simplified the torch models to be more vanilla-style friendly aswell as added some more details and animation to them
-tweaked the inventory hotbar numbers to have fancier shading

-made it so if bread is renamed to "sandwich" it turns into a yummy sandwich

-made the reimagined carpets much more performance friendly
-added 6 more deepslate brick variants
-added 6 more mossy stone brick variants
-added 6 more polished blackstone brick variants
-added 7 more end stone variants

-added mod compatiblity with the dehydration mod icons to match Reimagined's icon style
-added mod compatiblity with eating animations for reimagined's food

-fixed the search bar in the recipe book not having a red tinted text
-fixed dead leaves having a colormap tint applied to them for optifine colormap users

(The Fresh Animation compatibility addon has now also been updated to v1.4 to fix a bug with the baby chickens that appeared in the newest FA 1.7 update)

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08/07/2022 1:03 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Warrior
Creeper pl4yer
Creeper pl4yer avatar
Can you do a full bedrock port of this? Or let some of the bedrock creator like Burg3r or Parzival port this beauty!
08/07/2022 2:52 amhistory
Level 27 : Expert Taco
De Taco King
De Taco King avatar
listen to the sleepy doggo, download the pack :)

also great pack, i love texture packs that do random textures for mobs like this
08/04/2022 1:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DaBlockCock avatar
Sup, you sure is everything ok with cauldron? Just.. I installed this texture pack and enjoyed it A LOT, and now noticed that when I add some water to cauldron, it becomes invisible like glass, I can see blocks through cauldron, can u please do something with it?
08/07/2022 7:53 am
Level 70 : Legendary Fox
Reijvi avatar
Would u mind sending a screenshot of how it looks like for you? Or alternatively show it in the reimagined discord where it could be easier to help ya.
07/24/2022 2:31 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Collective
Filak25 avatar
07/20/2022 9:14 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
Xorjt avatar
Thank you for the update, friend. :)
07/20/2022 12:46 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman uwu
PancakesPlays avatar
This pack is AMAZING!
07/18/2022 4:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
greenjeanx avatar
The pack is great! The only issue is how derpy the dragon looks, also, fun fact, forward facing eyes are a sign of a predator/omni/carnivore, when the eyes are on both sides (like how the dragon is), that is a sign of prey/herbivores. Dragons are predators, mainly they are carnivores but can also be omnivores, but the dragon here will still kill things.

Why do I bring this up? If you haven't guessed already, it's a suggestion to fix the Ender Dragon, the eyes will look better when facing forward anyways.
07/19/2022 5:00 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Artist
madamepestilence avatar
To be fair, you should know the reason behind this evolutionary adaptation! Not all predators have front-facing eyes, and this evolution is not entirely unique to predators either.

This is simply a form of convergent evolution that allows better depth perception, and brings the eyes closer to the mouth so that food can be perceived easier when trying to eat! An example of this: sharks still have side-facing eyes.

As a dragon is a large predator that requires the consumption of large amounts of food, it's unnecessary for it to have front-facing eyes, as it doesn't need to focus on a single prey - it can instead hunt many prey at once, scooping them up into its maw for consumption.

A lot of depictions of dragons also show them having the ability to exhale fire (likely from an internal gaseous or flammable chemical sac whose contents combust on combination with their saliva when ejected out of the mouth), meaning they can fly over and burn (and consequently kill) many prey at once, which also disallows the need for depth perception.

The side-facing eyes may also be advantageous for spotting predators - other dragons that may seek to fight over food or territory!
07/18/2022 11:10 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Fox
Reijvi avatar
While that is indeed usually the case, there are exceptions mainly if you look at dinosaurs. Which are basically what a dragon is without the feathers. Even then, how dragons are actually depicated in fantasy is almost always with eyes on the side, like a lizard.
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