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Miner's Delight - [WIP] Nordic/Cartoon 32x Resource Pack

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CapitalistCow avatar CapitalistCow
Level 44 : Master Pixel Painter
This is my resource pack, Miners Delight! This pack uses a mix of cartoony, semi-realistic, Nordic and Medieval style 32x textures to add more atmosphere and depth. If there is anything you guys would like to see changed or added let me know, just remember this is currently a work in progress and it will not be fully usable in game for now. I have provided a download link, should you want to try it out, but I would not recommend playing extensively with it yet. I will be updating this at least twice a month until its completion. Thanks for checking this out, and I hope you enjoy!

This pack uses a FileCred, and adf.ly link, dont worry its not some virus, its just a way for me to make a bit of money off my work so I can get new supplies and such. Just click skip ad in the top right corner after 5 seconds then you will be forwarded to the filecred page, where you will click download in the top right corner. I would appreciate if you turned your AdBlock off when downloading my pack. Its really simple to do, and helps support the pack. It really helps me out, thanks!

And Remember to leave a DIAMOND, And FAVORITE to keep up with my progress

REPOSTING GUIDELINES: I have started seeing my resource pack crop up on various other websites, normally I am ok with the extra exposure. What I am not ok with is people making money off my long hours of hard work. I have noticed people are re-uploading my resource pack with ad revenue services such as Ad.fly and other click based Ad systems. This is where my reposting guidelines come in, I am totally fine with you re-uploading my resource pack, but you must use the adfly link that is on this page and you must also provide a link to this page as well as a credit to me.(which most of the people who have reposted have done) And I am sure that all other content creators can agree with me, no one likes it when people are leeching off of your hard work and time. Thanks, and I hope for your sake you consider these warnings, especially those of you who have already re-uploaded this without following my guidelines.

: The textures in the download provided will not always be up to date, I am using a template with all the vanilla textures already in it as a placeholder until i add my textures. This means every time I want to post a new pack, I must go through and delete every single vanilla piece left in the pack until only my additions are left. I may have missed a few but that does not mean I am claiming to own them. I am also using the Faithful 32x hud icons image as a guide as well, just to help with placement of the icons and image size, i dont own any textures from Faithful 32x either, and none of my icons look similar to the ones found in Faithful. Keep in mind that all imperfections in this pack that could possibly be breaking rules will be removed in time, if something needs to be removed right away let me know and I will take care of it.

Progress40% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.8.1

23 Update Logs

Sorry! : 02/11/2016 11:15:04 pmFeb 11th, 2016

Sorry It has been so long since the last update. I have been very busy with various other projects (including a game) that have taken up the majority of my free time. I intend to being working on this pack again, as well as another pokemon themed pack. Thanks for sticking with me!

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02/12/2016 7:07 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Artist
Grayeet avatar
I fell in love with your carrot texture. Lol
02/12/2016 6:02 pm
Level 44 : Master Pixel Painter
CapitalistCow avatar
Glad to hear it! I spent a lot of time trying to get that one just right.
12/11/2015 3:07 pm
Level 48 : Master Engineer
awesomecronin avatar
Looks great!
12/12/2015 5:48 pm
Level 44 : Master Pixel Painter
CapitalistCow avatar
Thanks. I have not worked on it for a while, but I am planning to get back to it.
09/26/2015 4:46 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Slaker avatar
Yay ! =3
09/18/2015 1:34 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
iDezrai_Galaxy avatar
Looks awesome. Maybe redo the sword to something really cool becouse the sword looks like a ice on a stick (Sorry if i sounded irritating). But the rest are just awesome!
09/18/2015 4:47 pm
Level 44 : Master Pixel Painter
CapitalistCow avatar
I thought it looked pretty cool, But I will see what I can do to make it look batter.
08/15/2015 11:18 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Scribe
Jetra avatar
Two things: Name tag looks odd being bent like that and the ores are really nice, though it'd be nice if diamond had the same theme and not look singled out. Looks really nice so far, is it survival ready at the very least, meaning the terrain and enviroment are mostly changed? I see the stones and ores, but are trees, grass, and sand done?
08/16/2015 1:40 pm
Level 44 : Master Pixel Painter
CapitalistCow avatar
Thanks for the feedback, it really helps. And to answer your question no, the trees are not done yet. Most of the terrain is finished though. I am currently working on trying to get it ready for some in-game screenshots though, which means I will need to finish the trees. I would expect them some time before the end of the month, but no promises. And can you clarify what you mean vy bent? It looks fine to me.
08/16/2015 1:55 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Scribe
Jetra avatar
No need to rush on the screenshots and by bent, I mean it looks like a porkchop rather than a piece of metal with the curve on the side, giving it a look that the item's warped. I don't know if that's what you were going for just something I noticed right away. I might just be too used to straight lines, apologies if I'm nit-picking.
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