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NJ's Natural 256x V1 - Shader Support

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NJDaeger avatar NJDaeger
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Finally, after a few months of work. I present to you NJ's Natural 256x V1. I have been waiting to release this pack for a few months. This pack has made me feel so happy with the way it looks in game. I'd say I could not do better than what I have here to be completely honest. This is indeed a spinoff of my previous Texture pack but in just a higher resolution. With this updating now, I would expect a new update for the 128x version sometime soon. (I really can't estimate because I have lots of school work to do during the week). Either way, I really hope you enjoy this pack, as I think this looks amazing with vanilla worlds I would expect it to be the same for you.

NJ's Natural 128x version:

NJ's Natural 128x v1.1

Shaders to use with this pack:

Robobo1221's Shaders (v6.0+)

BSL Shaders (v5.0+)

SEUS Shaders (v10.1 or 11)

Shaderpack used in pictures: SEUS v11

This texture pack is made by me. All textures you see in the pack are made from scratch with photoshop CS6. If you would like to use a texture from this pack, please, PM me or comment. I don't want to have to report a texture pack for stealing a texture of mine (don't think I won't either). This pack must not be reuploaded anywhere. If you want to post about the texture pack on another site, please link this page for the download or the direct download link.

Other information:
Feel free to use this pack in any video you want! I would ask you kindly, though, link to this page for a download in the description :)

If you would like to use a texture from this pack that I made. Contact me via PM or the comment section on here. Tell me which texture you want, what pack it will be used for, and link to the pack (if applicable)

This texture pack does have POM and Specular support. It works best on the three shader packs I listed above.

If you have a bug report or a request you would like, comment below and I will get to it as soon as I can! :D

This texture pack is a work in progress. If something is not done, it will likely be done in the future.

Thank you for reading! :)
Progress25% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.10

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05/17/2020 6:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3057609G avatar
Help please.... i can't find any texture packs in the game, even if they are in the folder...
05/17/2020 10:12 amhistory
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NJDaeger avatar
I don't really update or support this pack anymore, unfortunately. I've gotten busy with other projects. Sorry!
07/20/2018 3:32 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
-AngryPanKakes- avatar
um doesent work with shaders mods and roudtrees and snuff wit h1.12.2 help!
01/03/2018 4:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Amanda04_ avatar
Does it actually work??
11/22/2016 4:48 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
anonpmc786113 avatar
11/22/2016 8:19 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NJDaeger avatar
Yes, but I dont test with sildurs shaders for specular maps. They may or may not work properly when turned on. (idk if sildirs even supports normal maps)
11/23/2016 3:29 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
anonpmc786113 avatar
11/04/2016 11:45 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Lumberjack
Sergeant Sarcasm
Sergeant Sarcasm avatar
The pack looks great, though the normals seem to be a bit messed up. I tested first with my pack when I discovered it, but even with the raytracer from Ebin the normals seem to be doing some weird stuff. The reflection should be stretched straight down rather than off to the left. This seems to be happening with several different blocks including lapis, but not including some things like grass.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshots taken with Ebin to eliminate the possibility of error in the shader.

Also, pro tip, you should make the specular map for metals at or around 229 RGB or 90% specular to make it more real to life. The shaders listed there should also handle metals properly at or around that level too.
11/05/2016 12:49 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NJDaeger avatar
Yea, I will need to work on getting better normals for the pack. I will hopefully do so nextd release. I am unsure when I will release again though.
11/04/2016 8:28 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
NFC_Yan avatar
Hello, I think this Packs is very good. I want to share it with Chinese Minecraft Player, it's re-post it on a Chinese Minecraft Forum which called ZUIMC(www.zuimc.com). I hope you can allow me to do, thanks.
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