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prestlyg12 avatar prestlyg12
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer

In this pack I took it onto myself to change the things in minecraft that I thought should be changed.

Some of the things I changed are:

**Items and blocks**
---Pretty much everything that is blue
-- All bed colors
-- All terracotta colors
--Beetroots have become something else
--Netherite tools and armor have been changed
--Wood and stone tools have changed
--Chests look way different
--signs are easier to read

--Ghast texture is now epic!!
--Enderdragon texture is changed
--Creeper texture is WAY different
--Skeleton and Zombie textures have slight changes

--textures have been added for everything that you can interact with
  Credit goes to StefanJ2 for the inspiration of the GUI textures. Check out his texture pack here:

  --Enchanted books all have individual textures
  --There are three armor sets (as of now)
    --packer home
      (you can get these armor sets by renaming diamond or netherite armor to *the name of the set* plus the name of the item)
      (the ice pack also has tools)
    (by changing a dog's name to one of the following it will change the texture of the dog!)
    (same with dogs)
    (same as dogs and cows)
    (same as dogs, cows, and cats)
    (biome dependant)
    Depending on what biome your nether fortress spawns in you might have different color blazes!
    --Shulker GUI will be different colors depending on the color of the shulker box
end text isn't as long......

If you down load the file and then go and unzip it there will be a folder named "Lights" if you copy this folder and paste it into your resource packs folder you can use this resource pack to see everything like it were day!
    (I think this resource pack works without optifine but i'm not sure)

I've got a second resource pack that just changes the paintings! check it out here:

Want to stay up to date on the latest things I'm doing?

You can check me out on discord using this link:
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

5 Update Logs

Camping : by prestlyg12 10/28/2022 3:46:21 pmOct 28th

I've added different campfires for the different biomes. (needs optifine)

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