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                    avatar Nuggetcake
                    Level 59 : Grandmaster Cake
                    This Pack Is Discontinued for the time being, [when] I get back to it, I'm likely to recreate most of the textures, if not all.
                    Please take a minute to look at my main project here.

                    Nobody has permission to upload this texture pack anywhere else.
                    I will not give the permission to anybody.
                    This site is the only site I have uploaded it on.
                    Please don't download an old, potentially malicious version from anywhere else.

                    Thank you.

                    Project Resolution is a WIP texture pack.

                    I would love to edit every texture but for now I will be aiming for everything within the "blocks" and "items" folders. I may do mobs and other entities too so be warned that a lot of things may look out of place.

                    The aim I had for this is in my other work "Simply Nugget". An easy on the eyes appearance, simple shapes to make the familiar blocks we are used to ingame. I hit this texture pack too hard and got burned out really quickly, but I do plan to come back. Maybe I'll repurpose this as a higher resolution version of Simply Nugget.

                    ©️ Nuggetcake all rights reserved.Please follow my wishes for this project.

                    You are allowed to:
                    - Make videos, posts and share screenshots anywhere. please send people a link to this pack and credit me if you do.(Only link to this PMC page and do not use link shorteners to profit from my work.)
                    - Modify/remix textures for private use on videos or in screenshots. DO NOT upload or share those files publically.

                    You are not allowed to:
                    - Redistribute this pack or any of its textures or files as your own.- Commercially use/sell my textures or files.
                    - Upload the pack to other websites. You have to link this page.
                    - Do not post this texture pack ANYWHERE else. No exceptions. I will do everything in my ability to get other posts taken down.
                    Progress45% complete
                    Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

                    36 Update Logs

                    Update #36 : 09/13/2020 8:50:33 pmSep 13th, 2020

                    Now compatible with 1.16 (Updated metadata file)

                    Updates will continue with this! Soon(tm). Existing textures may change.
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                    09/07/2019 2:16 am
                    Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
                    this is COOL! I would like to see this on 100%!
                    09/07/2019 8:10 am
                    Level 59 : Grandmaster Cake
                    Thank you! Keep in mind 100% would be everything in the "blocks" folder for this pack. I do plan on doing more but as I already have my other texture pack (NuggetCraft) I don't want to commit myself to so much work xP
                    08/23/2019 5:19 pm
                    Level 15 : Journeyman Nerd
                    I challenge you to make a realistic lookinh pack but is 16x!
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