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Shortsnort's Weird Rework

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ShortSnort avatar ShortSnort
Level 8 : Apprentice Crafter
Made this texturepack for personal use, decided to polish some things and release it.
Enjoy :)

Oops, fixed some issues and added a few new things

Redstone changes:
Hroppers, Droppers, and Dispensers display what direction they are facing
Sticky piston heads are sticky on the sides and underneath
Redstone ore is visibly on/off
Daylight detectors display how much power they are putting out
Noteblocks display instrument, and tune
Jukeboxes display when they have a disc
Observers can display when powered and what direction they are pointing from the side
Beehives/nests display their honey level

Texture changes:
Double slabs for polished blocks show seams
Pumpkins have a bottom texture
Bark blocks have a cross section top
Chorus flowers display age
Black candles shine brighter
Amethyst variants
Brick variants
End stone brick variants
Purpur block variants
Bookshelf variants
Loom closer resembles an empty bookshelf
Gold and Diamond helmets are now crowns
Farmland display moisture
Mossier Mossy blocks
Black chains (Colored the same as the slowness effect Ball & Chain)
Tastier looking leather

Miscellaneous changes:
Pigstep replaced with Fort Stress
Otherside replaced with Look on
Toast icons updated to modern 1.14+ textures
Pumpkin blur changed
Added and remove some splashes
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

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