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MrYoloTheLegend avatar MrYoloTheLegend
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Painter
Welcome to SW Craft:
This is my 16x16 Star Wars texture pack. This texture pack is a complete overhaul of the survival minecraft experience into a Star Wars adventure. EVERYTHING in the game will be changed including textures, models, sounds, music, fonts, etc. and the changes will reflect the feeling and tone of Star Wars. Sources for this pack will be pulled from ALL areas of Star Wars. This includes: Canon Material (Movies, Novels, TV Shows, Comics, etc.) Legends Material (Comics, Novels, TV Shows, Video Games, etc.) and everything in between. There is no specific time period for the pack as I wanted to include as many different areas of Star Wars as I could with this pack. This pack is in a 16x16 resolution and is done with Vanilla in mind. Animations will be added to some blocks and items to enhance immersion. This pack is made as an overhaul/enhancement to Vanilla and thus, will remain as such with nothing deviating far from its original purpose. Below is a list of both planned and completed changes thus far:

THE SW CRAFT ALPHA IS HERE: The first Alpha release build of SW Craft is here. You can test out the pack in its current state now. I will provide periodic updates to the pack as more content is added and once the pack is complete, everything will be compiled into a final release. I hope you enjoy the pack, and happy mining! (PLEASE NOTE THE ALPHA VERSION OF THE PACK REQUIRES OPTIFINE TO WORK CORRECTLY)

What I'm working on right now: (Updated: 5/9/21)
- Last of the main Overworld blocks
- More mobs
- Storage Containers
- Page improvements (images of new content soon)

Things completed in the most recent page update: (6/6/21)
- Gaffi Sticks replace Hoes
- Fusion Cutter replaces Shears
- New colormap to match the biomes/planets of the pack
- New leaf textures to boot!

Please note that any textures are subject to change and nothing here is final. If you have any tips or requests for this pack I'll be glad to hear them. I'm open to changing things that are planned but I especially want feedback and ideas for things that aren't decided yet.

Planned Biomes (Planets)

Note: Biomes that are complete will be marked in Green. Assume everything else is incomplete. Please note that everything listed here is subject to change and feedback is welcome.

Snowy Tundra: Hoth
Ice Spikes: Ilum
Snowy Taiga: Snowy forest planet from Clone Wars I can't remember the name of.
Taiga: Endor
Plains: Naboo?
Forest: Yavin 4?
Swamp: Dagobah or Hutta
Dark Oak Forest: Idk, you tell me. I think some tropical planet could be cool.
Birch Forest: Maybe Scarif???
Jungle: Kashyyyk
Mushroom Island: Umbara
Desert: Tatooine
Savanna: Lothal or Dantooine (Tell me which to use)
Badlands: Geonosis (Doesn't make much sense with the wooded badlands, but that's a small casualty. Tell me if you have any better ideas).
Ocean: Kaminio
Nether Wastes: Mustafar
I need ideas for other Nether biomes. I think having on of the forest biomes be similar to episode 9 mustafar could be nice, but I think there's a better concept/idea I'm missing. I have no ideas for the other biomes other than that they could just be different parts of Mustafar.

Texture Pack Content (Planned and Completed)

Note: Things that are complete will be marked in Green. Assume everything else is incomplete.

Swords: Lightsabers and Vibroblades
Netherite: Sith Master's Lightsaber (Red)
Diamond: Guardian's Lightsaber (Blue)
Iron: Consular's Lightsaber (Green)
Gold: Sentinel's Lightsaber (Yellow)
Stone: Vibrosword
Wood: Vibroblade

Pickaxes: Drills
Netherite: Mining Laser
Diamond: Blue Kyber Drill
Iron: Green Kyber Drill
Gold: Yellow Kyber Drill
Stone: Stone Pickaxe (May change later)
Wood: Light Pickaxe (May change later)

Shovels: Power Shovels
Wood: Weathered Power Shovel
Stone: Power Shovel
Iron: Green Kyber Power Shovel
Gold: Yellow Kyber Power Shovel
Diamond: Blue Kyber Power Shovel
Netherite: Beskar Power Shovel

Axes: Shock Batons and Axes
Wood: Weathered Gamorrean Battle Axe
Stone: Gamorrean Battle Axe
Iron: Green Kyber Shack Baton
Gold: Scout Trooper Baton
Diamond: First Order Stun Baton
Netherite: Vibro-Axe (Was going to be spear, but there were technical difficulties...)

Wood: Weathered Gaffi Stick
Stone: Gaffi Stick
Iron: Green Kyber Gaffi Stick
Gold: Yellow Kyber Gaffi Stick
Diamond: Blue Kyber Gaffi Stick
Netherite: Beskar Gaffi Stick

Netherite: Mandalorian Beskar Armor
Diamond: First Order Stormtrooper Armor
Iron: Imperial Stormtrooper Armor
Chainmail: Dancer's Outfit
Leather: Dyeable Jedi Robes
Gold: Republic Clone Trooper Armor

Ancient Debris: Beskar Ore
Diamond Ore: Blue Kyber Ore
Iron Ore: Green Kyber Ore
Gold Ore: Yellow Kyber Ore
Lapis Lazuli Ore: Force Sensitive Remains
Coal Ore: Coaxium Ore
Emerald Ore: Credits Cache
Redstone Ore: Buried Wiring
Quartz Ore: Synthstone Ore
Nether Gold Ore: Mustafarian Kyber Ore
Copper Ore: Plasteel Ore

Netherite Ingot: Beskar Ingot
Netherite Scrap: Beskar Scrap
Diamond: Blue Kyber Crystal
Iron Ingot: Green Kyber Crystal
Gold Ingot: Yellow Kyber Crystal
Lapis Lazuli: Force Essence
Emerald: Credits
Redstone: Wires
Coal: Unrefined Coaxium Chunk
Iron Nugget: Green Kyber Shard
Gold Nugget: Yellow Kyber Shard
Copper Ingot: Plasteel Ingot

Enchanting: Force Imbuing
Lapis: Force Essence
Bookshelves: Jedi Texts
Enchanting Table: Force Imbuing Station
New enchantment glint!

Experience: Force Sensitivity
Bottle O' Enchanting: Airborne Midichlorians

Celestial Bodies:
Sun: Twin Suns of Tatooine
Moon: Death Star (Includes Phases)

Dimensions: New Planets!
The Nether: Mustafar
The End: Exegol
Dragon Egg: The Child (Baby Yoda)
Eye of Ender: Wayfinder

Glass: Transparisteel
New textures for all types of glass

Concrete: Duracrete

Quartz Blocks: Synthstone

Stone: Now slightly more purpley

Potions: Stims
Bottle: Empty Stim Canister
Potions: Stim of ___

Golden Apple: Rakghoul Vaccine
Apple: Meiloorun
Bread: That Rey bread thing from TFA
Cooked Porkchop: Cooked Puff Meat
Raw PorkChop: Raw Puff Meat
Cookie: Those blue macaroons from The Mandalorian
Honey Bottle: Concentrated Flame Beetle Byproduct
Rabbit Stew: Womp Rat Stew
Raw Rabbit: Raw Womp Rat
Cooked Rabbit: Cooked Womp Rat
Rotten Flesh: Rakghoul Flesh
Spider Eye: Mechanical Eye or Spider Eye (Undecided)
Raw Chicken: Raw Porg
Cooked Chicken: Cooked Porg

Crops: TBD

Flint and Steel: Plasma Torch

Shears: Fusion Cutter

Shield: First Order Riot Shield
Trident: Electrostaff or Booma Staff
Crossbow: Bowcaster
Bow: Blaster Rifle (E-11)
Arrow: Ammunition Canister from Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)
Spectral Arrow: Supercharged Ammunition Canister (Blue)
Tipped Arrow: TBD

Crafting Stations:
Crafting Table: Workbench
Furnace: Gonk Droid
Smoker: BB Unit
Blast Furnace: R2 Unit
Barrel: Plasteel Cylinder
Chest: Footlocker
StoneCutter: TBD
Loom: TBD
Grindstone: Reforge Station
Anvil: Saber Forge
Smithing Table: Beskar Forge
Brewing Stand: Chemical Station
Fletching Table: TBD
Cauldron: TBD
Cartography Table: TBD
Lectern: TBD

Villagers: Rebel Alliance
Pillagers: Galactic Empire
Piglins: Space Pirates

Jukebox: Holoplayer

Music Disks: Holocrons
Pigstep: Sith Holocron
All other disks: Different colors and designs for jedi holocrons.

All music in the game will be changed into remixes of various Star Wars pieces by me.

Font: The font in the game will be replaced by a Star Wars themed font.

UI: The UI has been changed to have a blue/black color scheme.

Bat: TBD
Cat: Loth Cat
Chicken: Porg
Cod: TBD
Cow: Bantha
Donkey: Speeder Bike type (Undecided what vehicle it will be)
Fox: Vulptex
Horse: Speeder Bike
Mooshroom: TBD (Maybe something with Umbara?)
Mule: Speeder Bike type (Undecided what vehicle it will be)
Ocelot: TBD
Parrot: TBD
Pig: Puffer Pig
Piglin (baby): Space Pirate Child
Polar Bear (baby): Tauntaun Baby
Pufferfish: TBD
Rabbit: Womp Rat
Salmon: TBD
Sheep: TBD
Skeleton Horse: STAP
Snow Golem: TBD
Squid: TBD
Strider: Mustafarian Mining Beetle
Tropical Fish: TBD
Turtle: TBD
Villager: Rebel Soldier
Wandering Trader: Babbajo from TFA
Bee: Flame Beetle
Cave Spider: Buzz Droid?
Dolphin: TBD
Enderman: Sith Eternal Cultist
Iron Golem: Reprogrammed K2 droid
Llama: TBD
Piglin (adult): Space Pirate
Panda: TBD
Polar Bear (adult): Tauntaun
Spider: Spider from The Mandalorian, or spider droid, or kinrath
Wolf: TBD
Zombified Piglin: Mustafarian Miner
Blaze: TBD
Creeper: Self-Destructing Probe Droid
Drowned: Gungans
Elder Guardian: TBD
Endermite: Mouse Droid
Evoker: Sith Acolyte (From Star Wars The Force Unleashed II)
Ghast: TIE Fighter
Guardian: TBD
Hoglin: Gundark
Husk: Red Rakghoul
Magma Cube: TBD
Phantom: Mynock
Pillager: Imperial Stormtrooper
Ravager: Dewback
Shulker: TBD
Silverfish: TBD
Skeleton: B1 Battle Droid
Slime: Ewok?
Stray: Super Battle Droid, or HK Assassin Droid
Vex: Force Spirit
Vindicator: Scout Trooper
Witch: Night Sister
Wither Skeleton: Dathomiran?
Zoglin: Pale Gundark
Zombie: Rakghoul
Zombie Villager: Infected Rebel Soldier
Ender Dragon: Basilisk Dragon
Wither: Ghost of Darth Bane
Axolotl: TBD
Glow Squid: TBD
Goat: TBD

Any tips/feedback would be greatly appreciated for this pack. This pack has a long ways to go, so if you have any ideas for things to add (especially TBD items and mobs) please let me know. Also, if you want to show support for this pack, please consider giving a diamond and a heart!

If SW Craft gets enough support, then I may make extra addons for it once it is completed. These could include light and dark side packs or anything else I think up!

Special Thanks:
chronokiler2959 for ideas and tips for SW Craft
Alfking (KingOfTheAlfs) for being co-creator of SW Craft

Please note before downloading: This pack is not complete and is still a work in progress. Included in the download are two items, the paack.png and the steve.png file in their respective locations. Also included is everything else you need to have a functional texture pack. The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm not going to release the pack until it is complete and since I need to include some sort of download with the pack submission, this is what I chose to include. Enjoy what's here and stay tuned for future updates.
NOTE: THIS PACK REQUIRES OPTIFINE TO RUN PROPERLY! (I might make a vanilla friendly version in the future)
CreditEverything in this pack is made by me, Mr. Yolo, and the modeling is done by Alfking. Exceptions to this are listed at the end of the main page.
Progress40% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

14 Update Logs

Alpha Release 0.1 : by MrYoloTheLegend 07/19/2021 11:29:53 amJul 19th, 2021

Alpha release 0.1 of SW Craft has been released!

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01/09/2022 4:07 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
CoccoSword avatar
Can I use this as a RP for a Minecraft map?
01/30/2022 2:31 am
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Painter
MrYoloTheLegend avatar
Yup, feel free to use the pack for your map.
10/03/2021 3:28 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
bobobobobobobobobobob avatar
you should add jabba the hutt
09/29/2021 4:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Mrjombo avatar
Great pack. I can't wait until it's done. Hopefully you can make it for vanilla. Moved on from Optifine for newer things.
07/19/2021 3:08 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Hunter
Pittofer avatar
best for star wars map makers
07/20/2021 1:52 pm
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Painter
MrYoloTheLegend avatar
'Tis true!
06/22/2021 11:02 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
zurket avatar
please post what is done so far
06/22/2021 11:16 pm
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Painter
MrYoloTheLegend avatar
I might do that soon. Depends on what I get done. I recently did all chest type items so I'm pretty content with releasing a demo build
05/02/2021 6:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
roan77 avatar
The texure pack doesn't work with me.
What Do i need to do
05/02/2021 8:42 am
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Painter
MrYoloTheLegend avatar
The texture pack is nowhere near finished. Because of this, the download only contains a few files including default skins, the pack.png, and I will be adding the dimension transition screens soon. You're not doing anything wrong, the pack just isn't released yet.
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