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Dukette avatar Dukette
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
These are the different ways of gaining the new armors and tools! (Optifine Required)

To download: Click the download button and a page of ads will show. There should be a countdown in the top right, once that countdown is done- Then you simply click the link and you'll be redirected to the download <3

Optifine armors
Rename a pig to Technoblade, and it will get the crown of technoblade, in a vanilla art style.

Nightmare </3 - The name of the netherite tools and armor of Dream. Captilize any letters you like! You'll need a sharpness 5 enchant for the sword or axe and protection 4. You don't need to enchant the hoodie.

Dream </3 - Undye-able leather armor. It has to be capitilized as shown, but can include anything together with the name.

D'Prisoner - The name of the special leather clock mask. Capitilize how you want and include whatever you want with it!

Philza - As long as the tools and armor is named something with Philza in any capitalization and you'll get his famous netherite set. It has to be done on netherite though.

Tux - Rename diamond anything with tux to get the fancy red tied suit. You can rename leather to tux aswell to get similar texture with black tie and normal buttons.

L'Uniform - This is the normal L'manberg uniform. Currently iron armor . Only has to include the word l'uniform.

L'Nikki - Same as the L'uniform except lighter blue.

L'Fundy - Similar to L'Nikki except lighter blue.

Ran - The code to get his crown on his skin. Has to be netherite. Can be captilized any way shape or form and can include other words/letter as well. Typing in Ranboo would work too, as an example.

Prisoner - Naming leather armor anything with the word prisoner on leather armor will get you a prisoner outfit. Only the leggings can be dyed to get the brown numbers in a custom color.

Cloaked - This will make your leather armor into a cloak. The cloak can be dyed so it'll fit your desired use of the cloak! The boots are the least important, but they give you more depth on the cloak.

Puffy - For netherite rapier, leather and netherite armor. The leather is dyeable- That way you gain the possibility of having puffys blue skin adn the red one! The leather is mainly for her canon armor.

Captain's Log - Both a book N' Quill and a written book. It's a custom book design for Puffy's canon book. It's not case sensitive, but you can't add anything in the name.

W'man - The canon cutlass for Puffy. It's on a netherite. Add anything you want around "W'man" and it's not case sensitive ^^

Foolish - Case sensitive diamond armor, but you can add anything you like in the name!

Totem Of Death - Not case sensitive and on netherite armor. You can add anything you want in between the words and around the words generally!

Ret - Get the netherite/leather armor for Eret. Not case sensitive and you can add anything around the word.

King Queen - For the Eret dress- it's a leather armor, so you can recolor it ^^ It's not case sensitive and you can add anything after it!

Dapper Dream - Leather (Tissue can be dyed, on the leggings) suit based on Dream's instagram post. It does not include a helmet. You can decide the capitalization. If you want to add anything before, in the middle, or after dapper and dream, then it'd work fine! There doesn't have to be a space in-between

Proper Foolish - The suit Foolish has in the red banquet arc. Capitalization, words or no words in between, before or after are customizable! (Gold)

Mumza - Add whatever you want, doesn't have to be capitalized and has to be netherite armor.

Quackity - Doesn't have to be capitalized, but you can only add words after quackity, but it does have to be leather (undye-able).

Casino Royale - It can be typed stuff in between and after, but not before. Type any big letter you want- Doesn't work on anything other than gold.

b'quack - For the butcher armor! Any letter can be big and you can type anything before and after. (Chainmail armor)

"Human" flesh bones - Undyed-leather armor for the normal slimecicle skin! Including the glasses. You can add anything before, after and in-between words. You can capitalize any way you feel like.

La Slime - Add anything wherever! It's not case sensitive, but the texture displays on chainmail.

Snowchester - Undyed leather armor. You can have any letter both small and big, you can also add anything after the word.

Gilded (Anything(Optional)) - Gilded Netherite armor. Works on netherite.

Tenfold - Works on diamond (no cape) and netherite (cape). Gives the light in the dark affected clothes. Can't add anything to the name.

Cancer ribbon - A leather chestplate can be dyed to show appreciation and support for technoblade. Must have that space, can't add anything to it.

Arctic(Anything) - Give you an arctic outfit. Most commonly connected to Technoblade, but has been used by Philza as well.

Technoblade - On netherite armor. Get his skin outfit. Can't add anything to the name.

Tech(Anything)</3(Anything) - The cloaked skin of Technoblade (SAD-ist design)

Uncloaked(Anything)tech(Anything)</3(Anything) - The uncloaked version of their design.

Armored(Anything)Orphan(Anything)Slayer - A combo of Techno's original skin and netherite armor, to make him look cooler, ig.

Armor(Anything)tech(Anything)</3 - Armored SAD-ist design

Boo - Ranboo's ghost attire

Please leave a comment if there's any issues- or you want something changed :D

CreditPhilza for permission of his armor+tools and Sad-ist for the good armor design! SAD-ist for the animated series as inspiration for armors
Progress75% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

7 Update Logs

Message : by Dukette 07/07/2022 7:52:34 amJul 7th, 2022

The next update will have improvements and updates to piglins, pigs, ranboo, and I might get to add some of the skins I've missed.

The update will be delayed to the end of the month for obvious reasons

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07/03/2022 11:18 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
ArticUnderTaker avatar
hey i have a suggestion : how about if you name a pig TechnoBlade or TechnoBlade_NeverDies it gets a crown & a red cape with white fur since a lot of people wich for this to kinda happen after Technos last vid ........ (its just a suggestion tho)
07/07/2022 7:53 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
Dukette avatar
I will publish the pig one later. The techno update will come at the end of this month out of respect for him and to not cash-grab his death.
07/03/2022 8:31 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
Dukette avatar
Definitely. There's a lot for me to update and add, now that the horrendous situation happened. I will also probably make a pig wear his crown once it's named, and I'll make it a separate pack too.
I will do my best do add as much content as I've noticed from the content creators, and I appreciate any suggestion, since I don't have the time to watch everyone, unfortunately.

Technoblade never dies.
09/20/2021 4:25 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
ArticUnderTaker avatar
I love this texture pack and I wanted to ask when the nexst update comes out or when you expext it to come out ?
09/20/2021 4:47 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
Dukette avatar
That's a more complicated question than what it seems-

To try and have this as something I might live off- I've started on a lot of different tasks to get myself by.
And the most important ones are my work on servers and as a freelancer on candor services.

But it's one of my upmost priorities! I can't wait to publish the omage for Technoblade, and hearing what he's going through has made me want to do it more!

I don't want to keep your hopes up, but I will do my best to update the pack within a month of time!
I hope this was an alright answer to your question ^^
09/27/2021 3:48 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
ArticUnderTaker avatar
ok & thx for the answere ^^

I wish you a good day
09/13/2021 11:38 amhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
Ashsoot avatar
Hi! the pictures show a piglin texture but i dont have it, is it actually in the texture pack? I have the endermite and portal frame though! Also was wondering if i could use it with other dream smp texture packs that cover entities?

also awesome texture pack :)
edit: also wanted to mention that mixing up different armours is awesome! red cloak with a white chestplate and a the ranboo crown is awesome for a technoblade alternative!
09/13/2021 12:52 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
Dukette avatar
You only need to talk to me if you're going to do public videos/pictures of the resourcepack ^^

Anything's fine to mix the pack with- Knock yourself out!

Also, have you checked the piglin brute? That's the one I've changed :D
09/14/2021 11:31 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Ashsoot avatar
ooooh yeah I forgot to check the piglin brute, thanks for the help!
09/10/2021 4:48 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RiceGamer064_ avatar
How to get the stuff like L'Niki
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