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Lost Empire Project - Over 1000+ Mob skins

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randomaspland avatar randomaspland
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Lost Empire Project - Over 1000+ Mob skins Minecraft Texture Pack

Works for 1.13+

The Lost Empire Project focuses on adding skins and alternate textures to humanoid mobs with accompanying lore.

It remains faithful to the original art-style and adds many types of Illagers, villagers, zombies and Piglins

from dark priests to peasants from sailors to metal-smiths.

This is a pack even minecraft texture purists would love.

The Lore:

Lost Empire Project - Over 1000+ Mob skins Minecraft Texture Pack
The high council of Illagers is made up of several of the most powerful evokers and spell casters in the land. They control vast territory from their mansion hideouts and are in control of the Pillager Outposts that their servants reside in. The high council of illagers issue orders and commands to those within their influence and conduct forbidden experiments inside of their mansions unseen from the outside world. They are at the top of the hierarchy and create Vindicators and Ravager beasts with unknown methods to be delivered to their Pillager underlings. They are allied with the Witch Sisterhood who do not serve them but can help them during raids if they need backup. Through their power everyone who serves under them are immune from being targeted by undead, though Witches not wanting to be under their power use a more individual method of avoiding the Undead.
Lost Empire Project - Over 1000+ Mob skins Minecraft Texture Pack
The council possess servants who reside with them within the mansions. They cater to their every will with almost no mind of their own. Their loyalty is almost worship as they furfil their every desire from labour to cooking. Vindicators are extremely hostile to anyone their masters dislike and have a strange affinity for lapis. Vindicators are created when capable evokers can capture a villager and replace their soul with a false magical replica in order to completely bind them to their will. The process on how they do this is unknown but it may have something to do with the lapis they are so fixated on. Unlike others of their kind their eyes are un-naturally blue.

Patrolling the sands of the great deserts, this team of illagers were cast out of desert villages for their violence and anger. United in their spite they wandered the desert hunting down anyone they saw exploring the sand. This is when the High Illager Council contacted them and supplied them with an outpost and vindicators for them to order around. They struck a deal where in exchange for serving the council and spreading their influence they would be provided with weapons, servents, and food. Some were trained in art of spellcasting and became evokers; but they do not have enough power and connections to enter the council.

The Savanah Brutalisers were tricked by the High Illager Council into seeking a life of combat. They do not attack villages in search for resources but for the thrill and sport of combat. They live off the land and fruits the Savanah provides them and follow the will of the High Illager Council in exchange for some being taught magic and to generally be left alone. They were provided with vindicators and outposts by the Council and will destroy villages sometimes unprovoked.
The ocean plunderers are made out of several illagers from around the world. They travel the seas on behalf of the High Council to deliver messages and orders if their underlings cannot be contacted magically. If a patrol delivering a message is murdered during their travels they will raid the first village they enter thinking the village had sent them. Ocean Plunders will also take part in raids if they happen to be nearby to pillage and collect treasure left behind by the villagers they defeat. They possess knowledge about every chunk and now to travel anywhere using memory alone. They demand other Illager tribes to give them a vindicator every once in a while as payment for their help.

The Snowy Ransakers do not permanently live within their outposts and are instead cycled in and out. The snowy tundras of Minecraft are the weakest areas of influence for the High Council and this tribe are the first few illagers sent to investigate the snow. Snow villages are falling left and right because of the new force attacking them. Outcasts of snow villages seldom become illagers as the blizzards and snow often overpower them. The High Council provides them with ample supplies and coats during their missions into the cold.

Iron Golems are not created with a few iron blocks and a pumpkin. This ritual summons them instead. Originally built by human and precursor villager society living alongside one another, they were brought with them when they colonized dimensions and worlds beyond this one. Villagers have since regressed and humanity have since succumbed to the zombie curse. The golems sit around in empty universes with no masters. Villagers can summon a golem from the beyond using a spell known only to them. The player uses a more complicated spell that exchanges a pumpkin and four iron blocks to summon one to their location. They are old, ancient and there is an unknown number of them in the precursor's interdimensional empire to be warped into the Overworld.

Piglins used to be a great civilization within the Nether and were at war with humanity before the great zombie curse ended the war for both of them. The human priests became wither skeletons, tirelessly maintaining and caring for their fortresses, keeping them inhumanly clean, but they still maintain their grudge for the Piglins. Piglins however left their Bastions slowly fall to ruin as piglins slowly became infected though airborne types of the curse. The Piglins that remain are immune to the curse but entering the overworld will infect them regardless because the airborne undead curse that lingers in the Overworld is far stronger than the Nether. The only creatures that are alive in the Overworld are already immune to this higher concentration. Most creatures are not immune to the undead curse spread though physical attack however.

Minecraft is a medieval-fantasyesque game yet the default zombie has a modern shirt and shoes. Lore solution? Well everyone knows the society beforehand must of advanced enough to record sound of music discs, yet still used crossbows, bows and swords. So I propose an alternate technology tree timeline with some nations and cities being more advanced than others. Think Sid Meiers civilization or all those fantasy shows and games where peasant farmers exist alongside steampunk megastructures.

Outside of the cities, a technology divide is pretty noticeable the zombies wearing middle ages attire used to live outside the cities in smaller villagers when the undead catalyst came. I suspect they were probably the first to go since the military effort must of been focused on preserving more advanced and bigger areas of the human population.

A combination of 19th century and medieval clothing, despite having the magic or technology to open portals into other dimensions the Human military was never fully developed never advancing beyond iron age technology and tactics, perhaps this was because human society was so peaceful to eachother. The undead invasion must of took a heavy toll when it first occurred, I dont think humans were under threat by monsters beforehand judging by the lack of defensive structures found in the game.

Pre-catalyst humans must of had some religions, judging by the Desert Temples and Ocean Monuments. Priests specialized in magic, those strong enough could create life (Prismarine blocks became guardians, iron golems summoned through magic which the player character also possesses) and perhaps this might of be where the undead horde originated.

People with enough magic in their veins became skeletons, their body muscles and skin being replaced by pure magic with some intellect still present within them able to construct simple bows and use tactics when firing. Skeletons are the most intelligent undead able to ignore villager kind yet will fly into a rage state upon seeing a human or being attacked even accidentally.

Deep underground within the mineshafts, miners either fled to work or were at work when the undead catalyst began. Infected and trapped underground for years their skin began to become covered with dust and grew pale from the darkness. They soon began to adapt after years trapped underground into empty husks of their former selves. The miners are now finally crawling their way to the surface for a taste of flesh and they are so so hungry.

Deep within the deserts, the ruins of a mighty empire lays buried beneath the sand leaving only the charred and burned husks of the walking corpses of the once-proud citizens of the empire, their skin has been hardened and charred from the heat, able to stand under the sun without ill-effect giving them an advantage to their other undead brothers. The Husks can steal your lifeforce from just a single touch seen in-game with the hunger effect.

The Survivors managed to outlive the undead catalyst, witnessing the rise of the villagers and the fall of humans. The survivors are the faction the player character are a part of heading out into the wilderness to rebuild and thrive. However not everyone can survive forever and will eventually be overtaken by the undead hordes. Steve and Alex could become part of this faction if they are not careful.

The drowned are the undead bodies of the people who used to live in the kingdoms and villages that now litter the seafloor. Originally their land was above ground and possessed vast technology able to reanimate stone itself into servents and golems. These people were the pioneers into golem magic and were the first to discover the spells needed to animate iron and snow golems (which the player possess knowledge of) along with prismarine golems (which became the guardians) and other undiscovered technology. They used their magic to construct and mass-produce Hearts of the Seas after the undead began to rise which is why there are so many buried in chests around the world - yet they are still a rare enough find as they did not produce enough in time for their plan. Their plan was to completely flood their lands and submerge it living underwater safe from the thousands of withers that tore apart the mainland. The water did protect most of their structures which is why ruins are most plentiful in oceans. However, due to miscommunication, they drowned in their powerful water spell as a new ocean was born.

If you explore the oceans you'll find wrecked ships torn apart and broken at the bottom of the ocean alongside the ruins of the drowned. These are the remains of the Wither War; after the undead horde broke society and the husks were buried and the water monuments were submerged the remaining military hosted a largescale battle ontop the newly born oceans which is why you can find boats and ruins at the same place despite the timescale. The withers blasted the boats sinking most of them which is also why the shipwrecks were found almost anywhere with extreme damage. The battle raged on for months with the sole purpose of eradicating the many withers that tore across the land. It was not a success and those that did not drown fled the battle to hide underground. This was humanity's final stand before its death.

Phantoms were never alive to begin with, they came from another dimension of undeath and were not around during the initial apocalypse. Post-catalyst survivors say they appeared after civilization had fallen as scavengers to feed on the weakened stragglers trying to live in this now monster-filled world. They are attracted to those who have not slept in over three days as it's now easier to bite the lifeforce from their victims. When the sun rises they either burn in the light or return to their dimension as no phantom as been seen taking shelter in caves or under trees to sleep or avoid the sun. Although it is noted that they cannot teleport only shift between this world and theirs.

Summoned using Wither Skulls, Soul Sand and a reciting a dark forbidden rune, The Withers are the most powerful undead currently known. They are violent creatures who are the personification of death itself. They are driven by hate not hunger and will kill anything that isn't undead already. It is said that the buildings of the old civilizations were blasted away by an army of Withers with survivors hiding underground as to not ever be spotted by the patrolling death. Eventually though this dark era who put to an end by an unknown power and slowly the world has begun to heal with the emergence of Villagers and ocean life coming back to the once sterile oceans. Some say the being that ended the reign of the Wither army resides on the sun and is why undeath dies beneath its light; but not the reflected moonlight

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

9 Update Logs

LOST EMPIRE PROJECT : by randomaspland 07/06/2020 4:29:20 pmJul 6th, 2020

Added every humanoid mob that's not a zombie into this thing as well. I'm too tired to write this out I'll be back.

Also I need to update the trailer. You can see what's been added by scrolling down to the lore section that just doubled

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10/17/2021 1:31 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Orelii avatar
i love the lore, it's a nice touch to a project that would have been great even if it didn't have the lore
01/31/2021 1:15 amhistory
Level 49 : Master Enderdragon
Eldritchdraaks avatar
Can i request that you make a version that supports the Varied Mob Textures mod, for modded players to make use of this mod. www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/varied-mob-textures
01/18/2021 9:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Dratth avatar
This is EPIC! I have been using this for quite some time.

I get asked nearly every stream what pack it is. so I link them over here to get some of the action! thanks so much for the effort!
10/04/2020 7:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Bebogamer09 avatar
hey I really like your texture pack and I wanted to know if you would give me permission to do a series with it and with the same lore it would be a series of at least one chapter a week and obviously giving credits
10/18/2020 10:48 am
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Painter
randomaspland avatar
Sure go ahead
10/04/2020 7:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LlamaMan122 avatar
idk if this has anything to do with your pack but how do i make this work with defaultEX
10/18/2020 10:50 am
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Painter
randomaspland avatar
I think you have to delete some of its files. Get inside their pack then go into assets\minecraft\optifine\cem and delete the jem files for whatever mob you want this pack to change instead such as:

Then go into assets\minecraft\optifine\random\entity and delete the zombie, skeleton, illiger, piglin folders.
09/27/2020 2:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Bebogamer09 avatar
Its surprising that it looks even better with this other texture pack, its like your better half

07/28/2020 5:54 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
XionioX avatar
You have done a great job, I will wait for new updates that will improve the animals !!!
07/15/2020 10:06 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Blob
h_h_h avatar
You should add lumberjack zombies if you're up to it.
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