Vicisscraft V4 - 1.15

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avatar Bret06
Level 32 : Artisan Modder
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Changed the Bedrock Texture
Made the Torch Hud texture 3D
Made the Redstone Torch Hud texture 3D
Made the Lantern Hud texture 3D
Changed The Stone Texture (Includes Ores)
Altered Andesite
Changed Gravel Texture
Changed Logos
Lowered The Clouds Opacity
Added Bushes
Added 3 New Dog Variants
Changed Piglin Texture
Changed Zombie Arm Size Depending on Gender
Added New Wither Skeleton Variant (Soul Infested)
Added New Husk Variants
Added New Skeleton Variants (Bret06, Darkosbeast63, MeTheMystical, Alex, and JayThePiplup + More)
Changed Suns Orientations
Changed Moons Orientations
Added Horned Sheep That Spawn In Mountains
Added Loads Of new Zombie Variants
Added New Horse Variant (Unicorn)
Changed Hunger Bar (Looks like Cookies)
Added new Bookshelf Variant
Changed all cobblestone to better match stone
Changed Painting textures
Added Alex Drowned Form
Added different spider eye colors
Added New Iron Golem Variants
Changed Diamond Tool Set Textures (Includes Armor)
Changed Iron Tool Set
Changed Gold Tool Set
Changed Stone Tool Set
Changed Wood Tool Set
Changed Coal Ore Variant (Made By EnderBo265)
Added New Emerald Variant
Added New Creeper Variants
Added New Lapis Ore Variant
Made Zombie Models Look More Dead
Made Witch Model Changes
Added Illager Minecraft Dungeons Textures
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15
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