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Wind Waker Edition (Full Version Available Separately)

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Pavlovs_Walrus avatar Pavlovs_Walrus
Level 52 : Grandmaster Botanist

NOTE: This Pack is now too big to fit on PMC in full. Please download the Full Optifine-Compatible Version (which is now combined with the sound pack) below. It adds sound effects, music, more than 150 skins, and optifine enhancements like improved mob models, more villager races, and over 200 cosmetic item variants and over 400 villager variants. It also includes an original arrangement of the Lost Swamp from Cadence of Hyrule by pixeltea!



Explore and settle the NEW HYRULE!

The goal of this resource pack was to create (from the ground up) a Zelda-themed mash-up in the vein of, and matching the quality of the Super Mario Mash-Up that was released for the Wii U version of Minecraft. This is mainly themed after Wind Waker but there are numerous pulls from other games in the franchise.

To get the most out of this pack, you'll want to be running the latest Optifine client. If you don't have Optifine, download the latest 1.19 version from their website http://optifine.net/downloads The Optifine profile enables the custom skybox, custom entity models, lighting, connected textures, and mob variants (including 400+ visually distinct Villager NPCs) that I created for this pack. I also recommend playing with clouds turned off since there are already clouds in the optifine enabled skybox.

What makes this Wind Waker Resource Pack special?

-Compatible with Minecraft 1.19
-Compatible with Optifine
-100% complete resource pack (other than music and sound effects because they were too big. Download Separately HERE)
-Designed specifically for 16x16 texture resolution by a reasonably skilled pixel artist
-Unified, Cohesive design.
-I tried to make it a solid resource pack even if you don't know Zelda, so that you still enjoy it even after the initial novelty wears off.

Why is it 16x16 and not HD? A few reasons: Firstly, Nintendo's own official "Super Mario Mash-Up" for Minecraft Wii U was only 16x16 and this pack was inspired by that one. Secondly, I think lower resolution textures mesh better and don't look as awkward on the blocky models of Minecraft. Lastly, by making this in a 16x16 resolution I am able to broaden the scope of the pack for things like including 400+ visually distinct NPCs.

There are a number of other good Wind Waker-inspired packs out there, made by folks like Ravecat, Fluesopp, IronSentron, and Blaziken584 which you should check out if you want an HD pack, but none of those were exactly what I was looking for, and none of those have been updated to the latest version of Minecraft, so I made my own.

I hope you enjoy,

CreditPack by Pavlovs_Walrus, Lost Swamp arrangement by pixeltea, End Portal texture courtesy of TheWhiteMaiden on Deviantart, Loaf_SBB helpfully contributed the names for the music discs (in the sound pack)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

10 Update Logs

Update #10 : by Pavlovs_Walrus 08/01/2022 7:47:04 pmAug 1st

-----1.19 FULL VERSION Change LOG----
-Changed Axolotls from frogs to salamanders.
-Updated inventory effects to 1.18 format
-Added many, MANY skins to Skins folder
-Added Otherside music disc texture
-Updated item textures for Bottled Axolotl and Bottled fish types.
-Deepslate texture has been improved to tile better and given randomized textures.
-Added Optifine Villagers for "Manny", "Carlov" and "Teba" which were forgotten in the initial update.
-Optifine mob biomes have been updated
-Optifine Subrosian Villagers now work below y=0
-The range of Optifine Oocca chicken has been made more extreme
-Added Oshus Sword to Optifine Items (made from stone sword)
-Changed Usurper's Scimitar to a Netherite Item
-Made grass texture overlap with more adjascent stone types.
-Made Feather item more visible against beige inventory background.
-Adjusted grid on Map texture to represent different map zoom levels.
-Adjusted map colours for optifine users. No more purple water.
-Changed Glow Squid and Goat Optifine CEM Models to work properly
-Improved Elytra Texture
-Added Optifine Item Variants for Elytra
-Added Allay based on Korok
-Reworked the Birch Planks texture to more closely resemble something you would ever want to use in a build.
-Added Mangrove Planks, Wood, Log, Stripped Wood, Roots, Muddy Roots, Leaves
-Added Mud, Packed Mud, and Mud Bricks
-Added Frogs, Frog Spawn, and Tadpoles
-Added Mangrove Boats, and revamped existing boat textures.
-Moved dark oak boat texture to oak, moved oak boat to mangrove, made new texture for dark oat boat based on canoes at Great Fish Isle in WW.
-Added Chest Boats of all sorts.
-Added Mangrove wood sign.
-Added Mangrove Propagule based on Magic Beans from OoT and MM.
-Added Sculk and Sculk Veins based on Malice from BotW
-Modified base of Sculk Sensor (Now called Phantom Eye) to match Sculk Block (Here called "Malice")
-Added Warden (Here called "Bellumblight") based on a combination of Calamity blight residue from BotW and the Bellumbeck boss from PH.
-Added Sculk Shrieker (Here called "Bellum Husk")
-Added Sculk Catalyst (Here called "Blinded Malice")
-Updated Language file to include more Zelda vocabulary.
-Added Froglights based on the Goddess Pearls of WW.
-Added Mangrove Doors and Trapdoors based on BotW's Kakariko Village.
-Added Reinforced Deepslate
-Added Music Disc 5 texture
-Added Echo Shard (Here called "Blind Eye")
-Added Recovery Compass (Here called "Bellum's Gaze")
-Added Goat Horn and carved it into an ocarina.
-Added the 4 Paintings (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, that can only be obtained via commands) based on more stained glass windows from WW and Minish Cap.
-Added new particles as needed.
-Updated CTM lists to be compatible with new block types
-Added Optifine random allay varients which can also be obtained by naming an allay with a nametag after a korok.
-Added Optifine random temperate frogs all based on the frogs from Oot. Other frogs can be obtained by naming any type of frog after certain famous frogs from the Zelda series.
-Added Optifine goat horn variants obtained by renaming goat horn at anvil to various names of ocarina from the zelda series.
-Altered Enchanted Item "Glint" texture so that it is a bit more periodic and subtle
-Added Optifine Item Variants for Golden Helmet based on over 50 masks from the Zelda series
-Fixed Glitch that was causing the probability of certain mob variants to be out of whack.
-The rain texture was too dense and it made me dizzy, so I've made it slightly calmer.
-Added Optifine model for cow, mooshrooms, pigs, pig saddles, slimes, and magmacubes.
-Added pig variants based on Wind Waker's big pig, and some other, secret pigs.
-Changed the position certain items are held, like Totem of Undying, Carrot/Fungus On A Stick, Lantern, and Goat Horn
-Added Optifine variants for the Totem of Undying, based on various fairies from the Zelda series.
-Combined Full Pack with Sounds Pack since neither fit on PMC anymore.
-New tracks added to the pack to replace new tracks added to the game. These tracks come from BotW, HW:AoC, and aLBW
-New music discs are Gerudo Valley from OoT and Hyrule Castle (Outside) from BotW
-Replaced Goat Horn sounds with ocarina tunes
-Removed elephant scream from husk (previously removed from zombie; this was missed at that time)

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08/31/2022 5:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ThunderLord1000 avatar
How do I change the "Villager" race?
08/31/2022 8:19 pmhistory
Level 52 : Grandmaster Botanist
Pavlovs_Walrus avatar
Villager race is determined by the biome they spawn in.

Optifine Users:
Hylians = Plains and other "normal biomes"
Sheikah = Mountainous areas, forests, and bamboo forests
Kokiri = Dark forests
Zora = Salt water biomes
Subrosians = deep underground
Lorulians = Nether
Twili = End
Gorons = Savannah, badlands, and gravelly mountains
Rito = Taiga and snowy taiga
Anouki = Snowy/icey areas
Deku Scrubs = Swamps, jungles, and lush caves
Gerudo = Deserts

Non-Optifine Users:
Sheikah = Plains
Gerudo = Desert
Deku Scrub = Jungle
Goron = Savannah
Anouki = Snow
Zora = Swamp
Rito = Taiga

Optifine users can also use nametags to turn villagers into specific Zelda characters, so if you have a plains villager that you would like to be a Gerudo, simply use a nametag to name the villager something like "Urbosa", "Nabooru", "Riju", or "Ganondorf" and they will transform into that character.
08/31/2022 5:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ThunderLord1000 avatar
Have you included Phantoms? I feel like it would be a good fit for the Warden as the rest of the Sculk is Bellum-themed.
08/31/2022 8:06 pmhistory
Level 52 : Grandmaster Botanist
Pavlovs_Walrus avatar
Have you encountered the Warden yet? I won't spoil anything, but if you're familiar enough with Phantom Hourglass you should have some idea what's being referenced.
08/24/2022 7:48 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
Desperado LLC
Desperado LLC avatar

I'm loving the new update, but for whatever reason, the slime texture in isn't showing up correctly unless I disable optifine. Do you know what might have caused it?
08/25/2022 9:52 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Botanist
Pavlovs_Walrus avatar
It looks like whatever version of Optifine you're using doesn't currently support Custom Entity Models (CEM). I know that 1.19_U_H9 works, but 1.19.1_U_H9 or 1.19.2_U_H9 may not have all the kinks worked out yet, and if you are attempting to run Optifine through Forge or Fabric, I'm not sure if there are any compatible pairings that work yet. If you don't want to roll back to an earlier optifine version, you could go into the resource pack folder in assets/minecraft/optifine/cem and move all the custom entity models to another place on your computer so that the game only loads the vanilla models for the time being.
08/25/2022 6:20 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
Desperado LLC
Desperado LLC avatar
I switched optifine versions like you said and it worked perfectly, my slimes are showing up properly now! I was using 1.19.2, and everything but the slimes showed up properly there.

Also, totally unrelated, but I found that Hyrule Warriors' Gibdo sounds work surprisingly well for the zombies, and I also made some sound effects for the wither skeletons and husks using Ocarina of Time's Stalfos and ReDead sounds. Would it be okay if I shared them with you?
08/25/2022 9:11 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Botanist
Pavlovs_Walrus avatar
Sure. Send them my way and if I enjoy them too I could implement them in the next update.
08/16/2022 3:33 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Skinner
Jumpman Hero
Jumpman Hero avatar
Is it possible to get the map in the trailer?
08/16/2022 9:25 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Botanist
Pavlovs_Walrus avatar
It's hosted on the Hyrule Craft server. It's incomplete so I'm not sure if it's open to the public yet. My contract, informal though it may be, is that as long as the server exists I won't distribute the map elsewhere. So one way or another it will be available to the public some day if it's not already.
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