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Winthor Medieval MC 1.17 v6.8.1

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Studio-Winthor avatar Studio-Winthor
Level 75 : Legendary Blockhead
We want to bring the Middle Ages to life.

The work started in November 2017.
Today our Texture Pack has all blocks, all items, all entities and allmost all GUI.
All Minecraft 1.16 specific textures are complete.

Feedback from our YouTube community has always made the Texture Pack better.

Now the Texture Pack is complete and we would like to offer it here for you to download.
The Texture Pack is work in progress, missing textures are added at regular intervals.

Here you can find your Winthor Medieval Texture Pack for the Minecraft Java-Edtion-Version your are using:

Winthor Medieval für Minecraft Java Edition 1.6-1.8.9
Winthor Medieval für Minecraft Java Edition 1.9-1.10.2
Winthor Medieval für Minecraft Java Edition 1.11-1.12.2
Winthor Medieval für Minecraft Java Edition 1.13
Winthor Medieval für Minecraft Java Edition 1.14
Winthor Medieval für Minecraft Java Edition 1.15
Winthor Medieval für Minecraft Java Edition 1.16

We hope you enjoy your trip to the Middle Ages.

Visit us:



Get the Patrons Edition:



You may:

- Use the texture pack on your server

- Take screenshots and post on any third party websites

- Create videos and streams and post on any third party websites include a link to the pack download link*

- You can use my texture pack as the base for your texture pack and publish it if the textures package you revised contains only 30% of my textures and I'll be mentioned in the ZIP and in all posts, forums etc. The websites on which you offer the download may not work commercially.

* please attach appropriate credit

You may NOT:

- Re-create any of the Winthor Medieval packs without mention me.

- Edit/use/modify the textures in anyway.

- Upload any Winthor Medieval pack files to any third party servers i.e Planetminecraft.com.

- Claim as your own project / or upload any of the pack in public in ANY way.

- Use ANY part of Winthor Medieval for profit using such things as Adfly links. You MAY monetize videos just provide a link to the resource pack download link.

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17

25 Update Logs

Update 2022-06-17 : by Studio-Winthor 06/17/2022 1:01:25 pmJun 17th, 2022


+ prismarine

Special thanks to Maindroit for reporting the issue.

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11/18/2021 3:50 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
nugat avatar
thank you for that
11/03/2021 8:31 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
nonsenze avatar
So many fantastic, professional things about this package. Overall, a triumph. But, a few things you may or may not know about, in 1.17 version:

- Glowstone texture seems to be an error. Looks like lava texture has inserted itself as the glowstone.

- The Shulker boxes are completely wrong. The colors are right, but they look like wicker baskets of various size, from a marketplace. I'm certain this is not intentional. A serious technical glitch.

- Ender pearls, in the inventory, are large yellow circular gems. This is not consistent with the aquamarine color of the pearls, since they first appeared in the game.

- Some CDs appear to not be CDs, at all. Seems like they're using some other texture from the collection.

- Both the water and lava textures are not as well chosen or as high of quality as the rest of the package. For textures that we see a lot, hopefully some visual improvement in these will follow.

- Diamonds in the diamond ore possibly a bit too light. Easy to miss. Or is that the idea?

- You're already aware of the fonts, and I hope the OptiFIne crew will address soon. Perhaps also consider a somewhat thinner weight for mobs (name tags) and such. Perhaps a "book" face rather than "heavy".

- Melons and pumpkins seem to have come from someone else's package. Like the water and lava textures, they are not near the quality or professionalism of the rest of the Wintour textures. Same for Jack-O-Lanterns. This should likely be addressed. They really stand out as a kind of unpolished afterthought.

Again, the Studio Wintour pack is one hell of a fine add-on. I find that I can't switch back to vanilla anymore. While the Wintour mob faces are a bit odd, like some bizarre European gothic motion picture, I'll be using this package and looking forward to updates, from here, on. It's truly "next level".

Cheers and thanks.
11/04/2021 5:04 pmhistory
Level 75 : Legendary Blockhead
Studio-Winthor avatar
First of all, thank you very much for your praise.
Let me address your points of criticism.

Glowstone is alive, trapped in a metal cage. It has nothing to do with lava.

This is a medieval texture pack, so yes, Shulker boxes are not pointless colorful cubes, but decorations for traders or marketplaces.

Yes, Ender's pearls are yellow. It's a texture pack that changes the game. 😉

Vinyl Records are pretty useless in the Middle Ages. So they are portrayed as medieval instruments. You can place them in item frames and thus represent a dealer.

Water and lava do not have any generated textures, as is usual in texture packs, but are recorded frame by frame from water and lava videos. The majority of TP users love this realism. There are around 80 hours of work in each texture.

Yes, this is the idea. Don't make it too easy for the player! I use the TP myself and hate the diamond texture.

Yes, I also hope that OptiFine's font support will be fixed soon. Integrating the font back into the TP, as with the 1.12 or 1.13 version, is a hell of a job.
I like the vegetables (melons & pumkins) that I photographed in my own kitchen in 2017 and integrated into the TP. There are two textures that have never been considered for revision before.
11/05/2021 4:01 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
nonsenze avatar
What, you never had a turntable in the Dark Ages? 😎

Not sure about the glowstone. All I see is the game's lava texture pasted over a cube shape, no definition, no cage. Running latest OptiFine (9) and 1.17.

Pearls and discs; explained. Got it.

Shulker boxes...seems a little odd to dramatically change the visual function of these items. They're difficult to keep track of, from the various sizes. Clumsy. No problem with the Medieval wicker basket look, now that you've explained it, but it might be better if there were consistency of form.

On the melon and pumpkin...great, but they lack contrast. Appreciate the realism, but I personally have never seen either a melon or pumpkin, store-bought or in the wild, with such low contrast. It really does look like an error.

Maybe something's not right in the water and lava on my end. I see a mostly badly tiling static orange blob for a texture, on the lava, and pixelated water textures on moving flows. Interesting that the glowstone is similar. I wonder if there's something interfering with these. No your problem, of course.

Again, excellent work. Best overall package I've seen.
11/06/2021 3:19 amhistory
Level 75 : Legendary Blockhead
Studio-Winthor avatar
Now I know what you mean! By using OptiFine, the Texture Pack has "Natural Glowstone" in the Nether
and "Glowstone Lanterns" in the overworld.
Did you notice the hidden skull in the natural glowstone texture? The cage in the overworld captures this evil spirit.

When I look at the screenshot of pumpkins, melons and water, everything is correct. All textures contribute to the overall effect. Lava works fine too.

Shulker boxes are really special blocks in Minecraft. They support transparency and they can be placed horizontally and vertically and be faced to north, south, east and west. This creates opportunities for builders that other blocks simply do not have.
10/27/2021 9:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
X__Logan__X 7285
X__Logan__X 7285 avatar
Would just like to say a massive thankyou for this fantastic texture pack.
Can't imagine how much work has gone into it.
08/30/2021 10:05 pm
Level 1 : New Network
texturepackscom avatar
New showcase ^^
07/20/2021 9:39 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Crafter
svk_ice_roky26 avatar
Beautiful pack, and finally something 100% completed :D
07/12/2021 12:16 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Brynnakat avatar
This texture pack is beautiful, but with shaders signs become unreadable. Is there a setting I can change to fix that? Also, all colored text (outside of chat) becomes red. That's not much of an issue except in servers though. Amazing work though; this texture pack has easily become one of my favorites. The only issues I have are in conjunction with shaders
07/14/2021 3:01 pmhistory
Level 75 : Legendary Blockhead
Studio-Winthor avatar
The texture pack is using the font functionality of OptiFine. I hope the creator of OptiFine will fix this issue quickly.
As a hotfix, open the texture pack zip-file with a tool like WinRAR or 7Zip and remove the font-folder. The path is \assets\minecraft\font. The texture pack will use the vanilla font and text is readable in this way again.
Or you don't use shaders for the moment like I do.
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