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Zyfo avatar Zyfo
Level 34 : Artisan Cookie
These are recolors of a 16x resolution texture pack where I took the default textures of Minecraft 1.8.9 and edited a large amount of them to look how I wanted. Things edited in this pack are: All tools (short swords included), armor, gold/iron ingots, diamonds, wool, ores, all stone assets, beds (which have my logo on them and a bedframe using Blockbench to create a custom 3d model), clay, wood, and many more misc items!

The recolored items include diamond assets, gapples, beds, GUI, obsidian/nether portals, and a bit more.

This pack is made specifically for Bedwars!
Optifine is recommended for this pack as you will be able to see the custom sky as well as the connected textures of glass and vines.

All textures in this pack are completely original and my own. If you would like to use my pack in a YouTube video/use any of these textures for your own pack, etc. please leave credit in the video's description and/or in your pack description.

Be sure to watch my YouTube video on these packs as well as try out the original pack!
Credit3d bed model made with Blockbench - textures made with Photoshop CC
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.8.9

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