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[1.11][16x] guy762's MineZ PvP Pack

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avatar guy762
Level 21 : Expert Skinner
Play MineZ: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/minez-1398788/

Are you as exciting as a bag of rocks? Do you not like all those other over-stylized and high-rez PvP packs? Do you yearn for a pack closer in line to vanilla minecraft, but with all the optimizations that are essential for PvP? Look no further!

I don't like all those other fancy PvP texturepacks, but people made fun of me for using vanilla. Also vanilla GUI is way too clunky. So I made my own PvP pack, with only the most necessary additions. Friends have told me it makes the game much smoother to play, or something like that. It's fire, you should use it.

This pack contains:
  • Transparent and gold-rimmed GUI for survival inventory and all containers (I didn't do creative cause I'm lazy)
  • Improved crosshair and colored XP/visibility bar
  • Slightly cooler looking swords/bows/tools
  • No darkness filter, so you can actually see stuff at night/in the caves
  • Low fire, cause apparently PvP everywhere else involves you getting lit on fire
  • Gradient font
  • Helmets don't have that stupid-looking noseguard
  • Ambientbmusic from the first two Fallout games, so you actually might possibly have a reason to turn music back on (it's royalty free eat my shorts)

Feel free to suggest stuff in the comments. Except higher resolutions. I'm too lazy for that. If there's some special thing you gotta do for it to be compatible with Badlion Client please let me know so I can like make it compatible.
CreditMark Morgan, the composer of the music I tossed in here.
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.11

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