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90gQ Chrismas Texture Pack For 1.5.2

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avatar HelleStudios
Level 32 : Artisan Herobrine
The 90gq CMineCraft Texture Pack For 1.5.2

Creators : HelleStudios / Markus Nyman Admin On 90gQ,s Minecraft Server

Rules On 90gQ,s Minecraft Server

General rules
Use common sense in everything that you do.

Absolutely not make others believe that they have come into the server when they have not.

Do not build anything in Nirethia if you have not received permission from the admin.

Do not ruin other people's buildings.

Do not take from others.

Do not ruin the landscape, each one with nature.

Admins have access to everything.

Piston cheating is not allowed.

Extremely large building requires an admin check out first so it's okay to build.

Carefully use of lava at the surface is recommended.

Do not write tykna or inappropriate things in chat.

TNT is to get blow up one at a time but never more without admins permission.

Do not ruin beaches to get sand to make it look natural.

If you build something outside a city you have to put a sign on who owns the place, otherwise we may tear it.

You can never have too much steeeeen!

Not digging precipice hole straight down or straight up. If you do this, it must be well marked with some sort of fence around it.

Not sell TNT for less than 2 diamonds each.

Do not build pillars that are 1x1 blocks wide, is allowed if you delete it right after.

If you somehow shut down the mine cart rides, THERE cart ahead or behind on the road, leave it NOT on track.

MUST contact the admin before building a portal.

Films someone a timelapse or other video that uses an account that stands completely still for filming, you get absolutely do not go the way of the camera on purpose.

You may NOT kill NPCs without good reason.

You may NOT talk shit about others on the server, jokes are okay.

You may NOT kill other players with meaningless without their permission.

In places where you can take "The Chopped items that can not be obtained by other means" so be sure to NOT take away after a Minecraft update until an admin checked them new recipes and gave their approval.

Urban rules

Different cities have different rules, obey the rules of the respective cities.

A city must be at least 1000 blocks away from another city or monument.

You only have ONE portal per town, outside cities are portals banned!

Road Port

You must have an active city in order to apply for a Port Road.

The actual PortRoaden based Nirethia.

It is free to apply for a Port Road.

To get permission to build a custom Road Port, you have to contact the admin.


Never stand on the track.

Never leave a car on the track or at a red light.

Never open a trapdoor in a red light.

Do not post anything on any railroad route.

Do not build something right next to, above or below a railroad. For exceptions, please contact admin.


You must have a driving activity to create businesses.

With business so you can gain access to your personal logo in painting-form (90gQ's texture pack).

The company can also post their activities and then get out a statistics on incomes, livelihoods and activity depending on how active your business is, this is not mandatory

With companies such protected your company name and no one else may use the same.


90gQ is just a small server for our friends so therefore let us not into anyone.

"But you can not make a public server for everyone?"

No, sorry for that, even if no one makes the world so there are programs that can download the world only by having access to log on to a server that has the world so simple to say, it's like giving out the world for everyone.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.5.2

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