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Battleroyale Massive Pack - Free Mod Use / Free Server Use

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Level 49 : Master Technomancer

Features -

Ammo-less Models For Guns
Aiming Models For Guns
Gun Models
Attachment Items
Ammunition Items
Usable Items (Energy Drink, Painkillers, Medkit, Bandages, Radio & more)
Melee Weapons
Lvl 1, 2, and 3 armor including a ghillie suit.
Airdrop blocks
Tons of cool block models & more to come!

To-Do -
Parachute Item
Block that places bushes around it (for easy terrain creation)

Q: Why are none of the models showing up?
A: You need to go into the resourcepack folder, and change the item names, heres a tutorial:
How to Change Models
This will show you how to change the Battleroyale Massive Pack models

Lets change the gun model.

Lets first open the zip file and copy 3 things, pack.png , pack.mcmeta , and the assets folder.
You then want to locate your resourcepacks folder (AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks).
Make a folder called whatever you would like to call it (lets call this folder new folder). Lets then open our folder and paste the 3 files into it (pack.png, pack.mcmeta, assets). Okay step 1 is done, now lets change the actual texture!

Open your folder (AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks\newfolder\assets\minecraft\models\item)
Now you are in the models folder. You should see 8 folders. If you open those folders, you will see .json files in them. Lets change the model of the AKM. So we are going to open the AKM folder and then a ton of .json files will appear. Lets choose the AKM with no scope or attachment on it. AKM_EMPTY.json. We will copy AKM_EMPTY.json and go back to our items folder (.minecraft\resourcepacks\newfolder\assets\minecraft\models\item), and we will paste the item in there. Great! Now the .json file is in your item folder, but we are not done yet!

Okay, now all we need to do is rename the file! Lets change the model to a diamond hoe! If you are wanting to change it to something different, I highly recommend to go into your game, and do F3 + H. This should make a message appear saying [Debug]: Advanced tooltips: shown. Keep in mind, you can do F3 + H again to turn them off. This will allow you to see item id's and names. If you hover over the diamond hoe, under where it states the attack damage, it will say: minecraft:diamond_hoe.
If you think I would really tell you a keybind that will screw your game up, shame on you. But if you truly do not trust me enough or you just don't wanna do it because you are lazy and you would rather take longer to find it, here is a page you can go to: Minecraft ID's.
Okay now lets do the easiest part! Changing the model! All we have to do is right click on AKM_EMPTY.json, click rename, and rename it to the item you want. Lets rename it to diamond_hoe.json. (Keep in mind, the .json part NEEDS to stay!)

Okay, now we have successfully changed the model! We now need to reload our resourcepack! But a lot of people restart their game to reload the pack, but there is a 10x easier way to do it. All you need to do now is go into your options and click Resource Packs... then locate the resourcepack, then all you have to do is disable it, then re-enable it! You can do this by clicking the arrow that appears when you hover over the pack! Now click done and go back into your game, and there! Now the diamond hoe is a item! This tutorial seemed long but it is really easy. I just made it really REALLY detailed for those who do not know how to do any of this.

Keep in mind, you can also do this with blocks. Blocks will not show up unless you set the model to the block!

Q: Why can I not shoot the guns?
A: I said this above! The very top of the page! This is a resource pack! Not a mod!

Q: How can I make these guns shoot on my server?
A: Since this is a battleroyale pack, use the Battleroyale Pack. But if you are JUST HERE for the guns, you can use Quality Armory or Crackshot.

Q: I want to use these models in a mod that I am making, am I allowed?
A: Yes (It would be nice if you could credit me)

Q: I want to use these models in a server that I made, am I allowed?
A: Yes (It would be nice if you could credit me)

Q: I want to use these models in a custom resourcepack, am I allowed?

Q: If I have an idea for the pack, where do I post my idea?
A: Look below this Q/A.

Progress50% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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