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C̵̒ͅũ̸̪r̶̠̉s̵̥̃e̴̞̾d̸̙̋ ̷̱͠C̴̮̃r̶̡͝a̵̹̅f̶͊ͅẗ̸͓́ (A CURSED pack for Trolling your friends!) Normal Text (Version #3)

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avatar TheHerpyDerpy24
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
Before I begin with this texture pack, I will say that this is based off of the 32x32 version of the Old Faithful Minecraft texture pack. Full credit to them on most of the textures, although I have altered some.

Additional Note: This Texture Pack is made for an older update, but it is missing only a few textures. It works perfectly fine on 1.14+ besides missing a couple of textures like the campfire and pufferfish in a bucket.

Okay, so this is a texture pack. I'm not sure exactly what to say, but I'm sure that it is self-explanatory with the name having 'cursed' in it. Basically, it switches and messes up many of the game's textures to confuse players. This texture pack is meant to use as trolls or pranks on friends, and I do not intend for it to replace the original look of Minecraft. If you do use this instead of normal Minecraft, you are either a) torturing yourself unnecessarily or b) there is something wrong with you. Feel free to use this pack for trolling friends online in youtube videos, as long as the link to the pack is in the description, as well as credit to me. This version, unlike the 2 others, has completely normal Minecraft language.

The texture pack is a complete troll, and I recommend challenging your friends to beat the game or get to a certain point in a survival world with it. They will likely accept, saying "easy," but they won't know what lies ahead of them. It is enjoyable, and I have done this myself, to watch others suffer and be confused while playing with this monstrosity of a game reskin. Good Luck and please leave a good rating y'all!!!

Here are many of the major switched textures:

    • Stone and Dirt Blocks: Stone and Dirt Blocks are switched around to confuse players, making caves look like big mole-tunnels and normal ground look... unusual.
    • Grass Blocks: Grass blocks have been retextured so that the grass grows not on dirt, but instead stone. This is very confusing when you are used to the traditional look of Minecraft.
    • Liquids/Associated Buckets: Water appears as Lapis Lazuli Blocks and Lava appears as Gold blocks. Their buckets have also been changed to look like the changed liquids.
    • Trees: The logs and leaves have been switched, making the logs green and in the place of leaves, and the leaves gray/brown in the place of the log texture.
    • Gravel and Farmland: Gravel and the farmland texture have been switched, making fertile soil along beaches and in caves, while your crops grow on rocks.
    • Sand and Bedrock: Sand and Bedrock textures have been switched, making unusual, dark beaches and unbreakable sand.
    • Diamond/Iron Ores: To be evil, I switched the place of the Iron and diamond ores to get your hopes up only to disappoint you when you are really unlucky.
    • Gold/Coal Ores: I switched them, the same way as the diamonds and iron.
    • Tools: Many of the tools, and I won't say which ones or how many, have been switched over to other tools or items. I will give you one example only (the rest are part of the surprise;) stone axes and stone pickaxes switch, making you mine with an axe and chop wood with a pick.
    • Various Items: Some items are just plain wrong. I did similar to what I did with the tools, only more confusing. One example is cooked cod replacing iron ingots. (Horrible, I know)
    • Nether Portal: The portal texture is replaced with the normal lava texture, but it flashes around and looks unnatural. You will see what I mean when you try it.
    • Netherrack: It is replaced with quartz blocks
    • Quartz Ore: It is replaced with quartz pillar sides
    • Soul Sand: It is replaced with quartz pillar tops
    • Fire: The fire texture is tinted gold to match the golden lava in appearance. You can see the pictures of it in the Nether in the gallery.
    • Magma Blocks: I retextured the Nether's Magma Blocks to match its background of quartz netherrack. It is quartz with liquid gold (retextured lava) flowing through it.
    • Cobblestone: The cobblestone blocks appear as gray-stained glass in your inventory, but they are a single shade of gray when you place them down.
    • Obsidian/Glass: Glass is replaced with obsidian, and obsidian is replaced with the glass texture but instead of being clear, it is mostly white.
    • Furnace: When lit, a furnace's front face appears as a Redstone block.
    • Bricks/Clay: Bricks and clay are switched, causing strange patterns in some lakes.

This texture pack is still being worked on, and I am open to any recommendations. Tell me in the comments if you find any bugs or if you would like an addition/change that I could do for you. I will do so as soon as possible and update the file before notifying you with a reply to your comment. Thanks!
CreditOld Faithful 32x32 Texture Pack
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

1 Update Logs

Will Smith Update : 05/30/2019 2:05:11 amMay 30th

I've got something horrible up my sleeve.
-Fire is "That's Hot" (By Will Smith Himself)
-The sun is an HD Will Smith Face
-Villagers make Will Smith noises
-ALL music is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening theme

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06/17/2019 2:12 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Mage
this is so awesome and funny ;D

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