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Level 32 : Artisan Zombie

I don't have some pictures of it but i can say some of it:
If you don't have a skin you will look like the grey knight
The diamond armor makes you look like the blue knight
The gold armor makes you look like the orange knight
The iron armor makes you look like the red knight
The cloth armor makes you look like the Green knight
The chain armor makes you look like the pink knight

The enderman looks like the ice king boss
the ghast and the creeper looks like the troll
the skeleton looks like the thief
The zombie like the barbarian

Anyway hope you like it! Anyway other than that i might update this like once a week so be sure to check sometime.
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.8 beta

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    • Criof8
    • Level 25
    • Expert Pokemon
    • December 8, 2012, 8:58 am
    You should check out MY Castle Crashers texture pack. It's only 5% done, but it's turning out well! Good luck on yours!
    Eh. Keep workin' on it.
    it's not 100 % done i just let it be like that till i fix some stuff
    You need to update it, and in my opinion:The Enderman is a Lava Demon with a flagThe enderdragon is the Lava Dragon with the sock puppet.the Ghast should be a troll still.Creeper should be one of the things in the desert.Spider should be ScorpionWither (Future Update) should be Medusa.Wither Skeleton (Future Update) should be a Medusa Fish.the skeleton looks like the thief (That's good)The zombie like the barbarian (Good)Pigman should be a Polar BearGold sword should be a baseball batStone sword should be a spear[size=12px]Diamond Sword should be Sorcerers Fire Sword thing.[/size][size=12px]Wood sword should be a level 1 axe[/size][size=12px]Iron sword should be a Thief's sword.[/size][size=12px]Slime should be one of them grey slimes.[/size][size=12px]Blaze should be a bee[/size][size=12px]Lava Cube should be a troll[/size][size=12px] That's enough :P[/size]
    [size=12px]Sorry for bad spacing, it doesn't work with Enter.[/size]
    thanks for the help :) i'll try to make it better.

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