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Level 19 : Journeyman Explorer
Default+ aims to make the game look better, whilst staying faithful to the default resource pack. It makes subtle changes to many mobs, items, blocks and other textures. I really love the default game, so, when making this pack, I only implemented textures if I thought they fitted the vanilla game. This pack is great for players who enjoy the vanilla game, but want a slight change.

Want to use Default+ on 1.8 or lower?
Default+ is compatible with all versions, however, if you want to use this pack on a version Minecraft that is 1.8 or lower, you will need to download the 1.8 inventory addon as well as the main pack to fix the inventory. You can download the 1.8 inventory addon using the link below.
Full list of changes
Blocks Changed:
  • Anvils have iron block texture
  • Beacon is red
  • Bedrock has a black version of the stone texture
  • Brick blocks have slight variations in brightness of bricks
  • Cacti are less saturated in colour
  • Cauldrons have iron block texture
  • Ores look different to each other (rather than the same texture with different colour)
  • All blocks with dirt texture have the small "stones" taken out
  • Mossy cobblestone matches normal cobblestone
  • Black concrete is darker
  • All wooden plank related blocks have "knots" taken out
  • Block breaking animation will go from green to red as you break
  • Diamond block matches emerald block texture (but blue, obviously)
  • End portal frame's frames have been changed from dark green to purple. (Along with ender eye's placed texture)
  • Poppies changed to the old roses
  • All types of glass are smooth (without streaks)
  • Grass, podzol, snowy grass, mycelium and grass path's sides are lower
  • All textures with "ropes" involved match the lead texture
  • Hoppers have iron block texture
  • Ice has is very frosty looking version of the very old water texture
  • Packed ice has is very frosty looking version of the very old water texture (solid)
  • Trapdoor and iron trapdoor has the same texture as the bottom of their respective doors
  • Jukeboxes and note blocks use the "item frame background" texture with a musical note
  • Ladders look a bit more hand-made
  • Log tops are rounder
  • Melons are green
  • Mob spawners now have an obsidian frame with iron bars inside
  • Observers no longer have a face - now have a new high-tech redstone detection plate to observe changes in blocks
  • Sticky piston's sides have slime on them
  • Pumpkins have no face (Add-on available for reverting)
  • Redstone lamps texture closely resembles glowstone
  • Lit redstone torch looks like normal torch but red
  • Granite, andesite and diorite are softer along with their respective "polished" variants
  • TNT looks like a crate
  • The fiery part of torches are more orange
  • Orange glazed terracotta is fully orange
  • Sand and red sand textures are "grittier"

Items Changed:
  • Boat ores match their wood colour
  • Blaze powder is literal powder
  • Enchanted books have a purple ribbon (instead of red)
  • Elytra is purple
  • Cauldron is white
  • Diamonds are shaped like real diamonds
  • Diamond axe has two heads (like a battleaxe)
  • Diamond pickaxes have longer heads
  • Diamond sword has a sharper blade
  • Doors resemble their respective door blocks closer
  • Emeralds are shaped like real emeralds (square)
  • End crystal is purple
  • Ender eye is purple
  • Ender Pearl is purple
  • Experience bottles are purple and match splash potion bottles
  • Fishing rods have a red band
  • Gold nuggets have been turned on their side (to match iron nuggets)
  • Hoppers are white
  • Items frames match the entity (birch frame, no sword icon)
  • Knowledge books look like normal books with a "brain" picture on the cover
  • Leads have a changed colour
  • Glistering melon slice is flipped to match normal melon slice
  • All minecart related items are white
  • Nether star is red
  • Painting has a pretty picture in it
  • Rotten flesh is a green version of the raw pork chop texture
  • Sign has no text
  • Stone tools have are darker to match cobblestone and have "rope" to attach head to handle
  • Wooden tools have "rope" to attach head to handle
  • Armour stand resembles entity closer
  • Buckets have handles
  • Removed the "particle/drop" things from the tipped arrow icons.
  • Removed the disgusting black outline from the spectral arrow icon.
  • Added waistband overlay to the leather trousers icon.
  • Golden apple now resembles the apple closer.

Entities Changed:
  • Armour stand matches wood plank texture (no "knots")
  • Boats match wood plank texture
  • Chests match wood plank texture whilst keeping original colour
  • Ender chest is purple
  • Cow is black and white
  • Creeper is ever so slightly darker
  • Ender crystal is purple
  • Pigs are brighter (in colour, I mean; they're still really dumb)
  • Sheep have black faces to match real sheep and their wool matches the wool block
  • Shulkers' faces are now very spooki ender eyes
  • Skeletons, wither skeletons and strays' skulls are hollow (no eyes or jaw)
  • Husks have half a face (with skeleton skull sticking out)
  • Zombies have ripped clothes and their brain is sticking out
  • Alex wears brown, ripped clothing
  • Steve wears brown, ripped clothing
  • Bats are black
  • Elytra is purple
  • End portal is purple (noticing a theme here?)
  • Endermites are black with a purple eye
  • Experience orbs are purple
  • Explosion particles are orange
  • Iron golems have iron block texture with a pumpkin face
  • Lead colour changed
  • Minecart matches iron block texture
  • Sign matches wooden plank texture
  • Squids are black and have goofy eyes
  • Witches have green skin and a purple hat
  • The Illusioner has creepy smile and wears clothes simular to "The Scarecrow" as seen in "Batman: Arkham Knight"
  • Golden nuggets have an imperfect shape.
  • Iron nuggets have an imperfect shape.

Other Changes:

  • Paintings have changed to include real, in-game screenshots (some are in-game remakes of the original paintings)
  • Fire is lower on screen
  • Shield is lower on screen
  • Pumpkin will completely block vision (add-on available to revert)
  • All of the black outlines on any part of the GUI is removed
  • Options background (the dirt background) is now the nether portal texture
  • Experience bar is purple
  • Font is changed (but is very similar to the default; only some characters changed)
  • Rain is slightly less intrusive
  • Ender eyes on spectator widgets match the ender eye items (purple)
  • Crafting guide GUI looks more like the inventory and other containers
  • Cookies are more circular
  • Bars in GUI will turn green when hovering over them.
Please note that I intend to update this resource pack frequently; I will update the thread each time I release a new version.
This pack also includes add-ons; additional packs that you can add on top of the parent/full pack which will add some smaller things that have been made optional as some players may not like/feel they are needed.

If there's anything you like, don't like or think should be added. Tell me in the comments and I might just add it to the pack. Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy!

Addons are smaller packs that add things to the main pack. These packs have been added as optional addon packs rather than to the main pack as some players may feel as though they are unnecessary or that they do not like them. These packs must be added on top of the main pack for its features to take full effect. Clicking the links below will direct you to a MediaFire download.

Retro sounds > https://www.mediafire.com/?c4phgevwq4qf6bq
Patterns on beds > https://www.mediafire.com/?lwelycdl8pvrswd
Black Nether > https://www.mediafire.com/?8h7c9i1htghgff1
Carved Pumpkin > https://www.mediafire.com/?33rrpr05t353kgq
Purple End > https://www.mediafire.com/?ddr6als2sf7ok1y
1.8- Inventory > https://www.mediafire.com/?vm650le55wef6ta
Invisible rain > https://www.mediafire.com/?znbm23w1xyz5uz5
Invisible End gateway beacon > https://www.mediafire.com/?r4r7q3c9g9uekv9
Rose to poppy > https://www.mediafire.com/?9jc0c2c8myku9z6

Alternate Packs
Coming soon...
Progress: 40% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.12
  • Art
  • Environment
  • Font
  • GUI
  • Items
  • Misc
  • Mobs
Credit:Mojang AB

Default+ 1.1.6 : 08/05/2017 4:54:11 pm8/05/17

  • Changed sand and red sand textures.
  • Changed cactus texture (desaturated colours).
  • Some UI fixes.

Default+ 1.1.5 : 07/15/2017 7:22:08 am7/15/17

  • Orange glazed terracotta is fully orange.
  • Some UI fixes.

Default+ 1.1.4 : 06/25/2017 4:18:59 pm6/25/17

  • Removed the option to download the "Animated Textures" addon.
  • Added animated textures to the main pack.
  • Iron and golden nugget have imperfect shapes.

Thumbnails for all packs updated. : 06/21/2017 12:46:57 pm6/21/17

  • Changed pack icon from diamond to emerald.
  • Changed all addons' corner "addon marker" from blue to green.

Default+ 1.1.3 : 06/21/2017 12:44:56 pm6/21/17

  • Changed pack icon from diamond to emerald.
  • Changed shape and shading of diamond. (Looked way too similar to another user's pack's diamond)
  • Changed mossy cobblestone to match cobblestone. (Default used the old cobblestone)
  • Removed "text" from nametag.

Two new addons : 06/20/2017 9:20:29 am6/20/17

  • New "Purple End" addon will change the colour of all the end related blocks, mobs and items to purple.
  • New "Bed Heads" addon will change the beds to have a mob's head on the duvet. The mob's head will depend on the colour of the bed.

Default+ 1.1.2 : 06/19/2017 11:15:13 am6/19/17

  • Fixed milk bucket (proportions were incorrect thus resulting in "missing texture" texture)

Default+ 1.1.1 : 06/19/2017 10:22:19 am6/19/17

  • Buckets are slightly smaller so that they do not fill an entire inventory slot. (Not very noticeable but it was annoying me :P)

Default+ 1.1 : 06/18/2017 2:21:04 pm6/18/17

  • Removed back outline from all GUI (including new 1.12 GUI).
  • Completely new look added to the crafting guide GUI.
  • Changed knowledge book to match the colour of a normal book and depicts a brain on the cover.
  • The Illusionist Illager bears a unsettling grin and has a noose around his neck. (Inspired by "The Scarecrow" as depicted in "Batman: Arkham Knight".
  • Buckets now have handles.
  • Cookies look a little more circular.
  • Removed the "particle/drop" things from the tipped arrow icons.
  • Removed the disgusting black outline from the spectral arrow icon.
  • Added waistband overlay to the leather trousers icon.
  • Golden apple now resembles the apple closer.
  • Removed black outlines from the map icons.
  • Removed "rips" in the map. (Doesn't make sense that a freshly crafted map would have rips in it.)
  • The icon for the woodland mansion on the map now looks like a woodland mansion rather than a small village hut.
  • Spectator selection menu's ender eyes are now purple like the item itself.
  • World, server and resource pack selection arrows' outlines have been removed.

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Good pack!!!
  • wrenzyboi
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • June 23, 2017, 4:16 pm
I really like this pack! Great job! Even the smallest subtle changes can mean a lot. Can you please chance the iron tools and sword the way the diamond and stone ones are? That would be really cool :D
  • Stridey
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • June 24, 2017, 3:47 am
Thanks for the feedback! I'm not quite sure what you mean when you refer to the diamond and stone tools. I assume you mean to simply create a new texture like I have for the diamond and stone tools because I have left the iron tools the same as default?
  • wrenzyboi
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • June 24, 2017, 4:25 pm
Yup! Thanks!
  • wrenzyboi
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • June 23, 2017, 4:20 pm
Also can you remove the "crustiness" of endstone and smoothen out some of the dessert blocks?
  • Mr Gloopy
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Artist
  • June 23, 2017, 10:36 pm
Fun fact, the End Stone texture is actually inverted Cobblestone.
  • NullWire
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • June 19, 2017, 11:10 pm
Can you add different shades of grass? that feature in some packs looks pretty sick
  • Stridey
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • June 20, 2017, 1:19 am
I'll probably add that soon, but right now I am unable to install OptiFine on my PC for some reason, so when I get that fixed I'll be sure to implement some alternate textures.
  • Legoman718
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Crafter
  • June 19, 2017, 4:29 pm
cool! i might use this with my own resource pack
why dont you just make the addons as part of it?
I'm not really seeing WHATS changed in the pack? based on the pics it still looks like
plaine ole vanilla mc?
How does this look anything like plain vanilla?
The first picutre i can see a few changes.. like the iron rail carts or the tnt.

but the 2nd and 3rd pictures.. nothing appers to have changed at all...
All the mobs still look exactly the same. All the blocks show in the 3rd picture look like plain vanilla
blocks. Literally, no change. He didnt take pictures.. or show pictures of what the texture pack actually
attempts to change. Other than the 1st picture
Dude the mobs look so much different. Most items look a it different. All the blocks shown look different. Are you blind.
Maybe they do...but the pics provided look like vanilla mobs. I think your more blind than me.

Maybe in the actual pack they are diffrent. But according to the pics above...there the same
Are squids black? DO IGS have pumpkins on there heads? Are Cows White? DO ZOMBIES HAVE BRAINS STICKING OUT OF THERE HEADS IN VANILLA?!?!?!? EXACTLY
Yes?...yes?..yes and.... Yes....?.
I belive the answer to all of the questions you asked is... Yes? Whew..that was hard but, i think i nailed it :D
Wow, you must have never played minecraft with the default recource pack XD
wait? whats a resource pack? never heard of that. and, also what is "mine" "craft" ?
never played it before.
  • Stridey
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • June 24, 2017, 3:50 am
Please don't​ turn the comment section into an argument. Hooptiecoupe, all the mobs shown in the pictures have been changed, however I have updated them after seeing your first comment and I'll probably update them further to make the changes clearer. Thanks for the feedback! :)
np. thats all i was trieing to do is offer some feedback.

The new pics def. show off the changes a lot better.
  • Stridey
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • June 20, 2017, 8:05 am
The mobs and blocks shown in the pictures have changed, but you may need to look a little harder. This is a "better than default" style resource pack so most of the changes are only very subtle. Very few blocks, items or mobs look completely different to how they do in the default resource pack.
  • Stridey
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • June 19, 2017, 12:17 pm
Check the "All changes" spoiler to see all the changes.
  • Mamorui
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Miner
  • June 19, 2017, 9:51 am
Better than Faithful but not as great as Conquest.
  • Stridey
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • June 23, 2017, 7:59 am
I'll take the "better than Faithful" part. But please keep in mind that Conquest is a completely different style of resource pack.

Thanks for the feedback! :D

1 - 25 of 25

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