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Khuz's Bricks & Pillars (1.14)

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avatar The_Khuzdul1
Level 22 : Expert Miner
I made this pack for the purpose of enhancing the game for builders by adding more options with Bricks and Pillars, while also adding more options with the use of double slabs. All textures are made by me.

All Texture Changes:

- Chiselled Stone Brick
- Stone Brick Double Slab
- Mossy Stone Brick Double Slab
- Brick
- Brick Double Slab
- Cut Sandstone
- Cut Sandstone Double Slab
- Chiselled Sandstone
- Sandstone Stairs
- Cut Red Sandstone
- Cut Red Sandstone Double Slab
- Chiselled Red Sandstone
- Red Sandstone Stairs
- Prismarine Bricks
- Prismarine Brick Double Slab
- Dark Prismarine Double Slab
- Nether Brick
- Nether Brick Double Slab
- Red Nether Brick
- Red Nether Brick Double Slab
- End Stone Brick
- End Stone Brick Double Slab
- Purpur Brick
- Purpur Brick Double Slab
- Purpur Pillar

This pack is free to use in videos or streams, but please paste the following into the description with a download link:
"Texture Pack: "Khuz's Bricks & Pillars" by The_Khuzdûl1"

I, The_Khuzdûl1, give permission for these textures to be used in other packs and for them to be edited for said packs as long as credit is given.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and very welcome. If you find a bug or other problem with the pack, please PM me and I will get on it as soon as I can.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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