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Khuz's Smithing Table Iron

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avatar The_Khuzdul1
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
This texture pack changes all Iron textures, or textures containing Iron (plus a few more) to use the colour palette of the Smithing Table, introduced into the 1.14 update.

Personally, I love the blue/black iron texture introduced in 1.14 with the Smithing Table and Lantern blocks. Eventually, I decided to change all of the iron textures to use this colour palette for my personal use. After sharing some screenshots of the textures with some friends, they all asked if I were making a pack with these textures and if I was going to be releasing it publicly.
Sooo... Here it is!

UPDATE VERSION 1.2 (Minor fixes only)
Crafting Table Sides, Spruce Trapdoor, Stonecutter Saw & Iron Ingot

This pack is free to use in videos or streams, but please paste the following into the description along with a download link:
Texture Pack: "Khuz's Smithing Table Iron" by The_Khuzdûl1

I, The_Khuzdûl1, give permission for these textures to be used in other packs and for them to be edited for said packs as long as credit is given and a download link is provided.

If you find that I've missed a texture containing Iron or run into any other issues with the pack, please notify me in the comments.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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