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LEDCraft - Pocket Edition 0.3.2


Building Blocks(As of 0.3.2)

Level 40 : Master Warrior
Vickal89's LEDCraft Ported to Pocket Edition of MCPE.


Installation via computer (Android)

Download ES file explorer from android marketplace
Locate minecraft apk installer (named com.mojang.minecraftpe-2.apk)
copy the installer to the main part of the memory card, eg /sdcard/
plug phone into computer
copy apk installer anywhere onto your computer (iOS users use ifile or iexplorer)
change filename extension from apk to .zip, .rar, etc
unzip the folder
copy assets folder into unzipped folder
zip folder back up
change filename extension back to apk
unzip auto-sign and copy the apk into the folder, ensuring that it is the only apk in the folder
Launch signapk.bat and allow it to run
Copy the apk named your_app_signed.apk back onto your phone, where it can be easily be located
safely eject your phone
locate installer within the phone and run installation
launch game, allow it to verify and you should have the texturepack.

Installation via Computer (iOS)

On your computer with your device connected
Download iExplorer
Install and launch iExplorer
Select "com.mojang.minecraftpe" folder in iExplorer
Open "minecraftpe.app" folder
Copy all the necessary files you want using iExplorer,don't forget to paste them too.
Click on "OK" for each popup which ask you to replace ressources
On your device
Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition

Installation via mobile phone(no pc required).

On your Android device
Download and install Astro file manager for Android
Download and install ZipSigner2 for Android
Download required texturepack and place in easy to locate location on phone
Launch Astro File Manager
Select Application Backup
Locate Minecraft Pocket Edition and select it by pressing the tick box
Click the option named Backup
Return to main menu of Astro File Manager
Select File Manager
Locate downloaded texturepack within file manager (where you saved it)
hold down on the texturepack file until options appear and select extract
Select either extrack to this directory or extrack to new directory
Once extracted hold down on the assetts folder and select copy
Locate folder named Backups within the phones memory (usually in the sdcard)
Open the folder named apps and select the minecraft backup.
A new screen should appear, click the button that says browse file
Once inside the minecraft file there shoudl be several folders including assetts folder
Click the button at the top called paste, if the program asks you to name the new file just simply click copy
Wait for the files to be copied
Once files have been copied exit Astro File Manager
Open the installed ZipSigner 2
Select 'Choose in/out' option and locate the backup apk (backups/apps)
select the application Minecraft - Pocket Edition-2006.apk (dunno why its got 2006 on the name)
Also ensure that you rename the output file as to not get confused on which apk is the signed one.
Once selected click Sign the File and wait for the file to be signed
Once finished exit ZipSigner 2
Locate your application installer within the backups folder and install it
Have fun with your new texturepack.

Additional Notes


Vickal89-Original LEDCraft
LOLrifficTV-Pocket Edition Version of LEDCraft

Q:Why does water and lava doesn't flow?
A:MCPE lacks its very own Patcher

Q:Why does some of the bottom blocks don't match the terrain?
A:Still working on those things this is just an early release.

Q:Did you got permission from the Original Author?
A:Yes,I did.Check the picture above

Hey Guys Don't forget to checkout the original version of LEDCraft here!
Progress: 65% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2.5
  • Armor
  • GUI
  • Items
  • Mobs
  • Particles
  • Terrain

Update #1 : 07/20/2012 7:57:37 am7/20/12

Official Release!

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  • LOLrifficTV
  • Level 40
  • Master Warrior
  • July 20, 2012, 4:05 am
Oh and BTW,Don't forget to see the Original LEDCraft here!

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