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Legacypack | A texturepack for Beta 1.7.3 | 32x32 FULL New Frontier Craft mod support!

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avatar SpaceFrontier
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist

Download the latest version from here:

First of all, this texturepack is 100% completed including custom textures for 3rd party graphic mod animations. It was made in 2017, and later updated in 2018, but is made for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. A version that came out in 2011.

Legacypack has full New Frontier Craft support! Currently updated for the newest version of New Frontier Craft, 1.8.6. As of NFC 1.8.6, 32x and above texturepacks are supported without the need for a 3rd party patching mod.

Legacypack is a sleak yet still rough and survivalist styled pack. It is based on the default textures colo(u)r palette but doesn't try to be a higher resolution remake. The font is made by Jakob Fischer and I have his permission to use it, the images used in the paintings are all CC0 licensed images. I do not plan to update this texture pack for newer versions of the game, although I do plan to update it for future versions of the New Frontier Craft mod.

For more pictures view the Imgur album here:

"But why?" Click here if you want to know, or skip if you're not interested.

Click to reveal

There's a niche group of people that's slowly growing that only play "b1.7.3" or version 1.7.3 for Minecraft Beta.
This 'texturepack' (back then we had no resource-packs, only textures could be edited) is designed for us, it has no strong stylized theme that takes away from the original game and it's 32x32 so it should run on most computers. This texturepack was designed to be survivalistic yet sleek, it has heavy ties to the original Beta textures as this itself is known to be unique for this era of Minecraft. I have tried to keep every texture to be instantly recognizable as its original counterpart, for example you can tell what paintings represent the original versions yet they are clearly different and not just a simple remake in higher quality.

Another reason I made this pack is for legality reasons.
It's hard to find texturepacks for b1.7.3 nowadays, very few artists from the 2011 era are still active in the Minecraft community. Over the years there have been several stylistic and atmospheric changes to the gameplay and game mechanics due to so many different people with conflicting ideals of what the game is, and what it should be are producing updates; server modifications; different splintered off versions; third party spinoffs etcetera. This has rebranded the game as something completely different to what it was in 2011, which some do not enjoy as much as they did back then. Because these artists are no longer active due to many personal reasons, very few have archived or will archive earlier versions of their texturepacks and very few will still respond to emails about their older releases. You either have to resort to downloading from untrustworthy sources that may have not asked permission to re-upload an artist's texturepack, and then have it packed it with malware. On a rare occurrence you do find a working, trustworthy link the next day it could be taken down because the uploader did not have permission to redistribute. By creating a 'new' texturepack people can find me with ease and download from official downloads I've set up without having to go through several pages of Google to find an 'illegal' reupload.

There is another reason that ties in with legality.
This texture pack has full New Frontier Craft support, and I will keep texturing new items as they release. So what is New Frontier Craft?
The main reason this pack exists is because of this mod. It fixes several bugs (visual, gameplay and security flaws), and adds in 'authorization' from the official Mojang servers. Because this version of the game is so old, the code checks to see if you're on a legitimate account by checking a Mojang server database... that no longer exists. This has been updated in NFC so that it uses the current authorization system. This makes NFC servers legal, and also means that skins work! This mod has also fixed several quality of life problems with this outdated version and its engine but also lead Minecraft into a different direction than the current version has. Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 is generally agreed to have been the last "original" version of the game, as Beta 1.8 and above started to drastically change world generation and added a very strong reliance on RPG, PVP and 'magic' abilities. A lot of people liked this change but some preferred the old original style of the game. NFC plans to have its own game changing updates but it will be more inline with survivialistic industrialist styles, using basic technology as if you'd been washed up on a beach which was the original lore for the game before it was changed so you didn't always spawn on a beach. The kinds of technology will be very basic, think 1500s to early 1950s. Although it won't be set in these times, it won't have any spaceships or mobile phones for example. Currently it's early days for the public release of this mod and it hasn't changed the gameplay that drastically although the ore system has been completely overhauled. For more information check out: newfrontiercraft.net/thread/51/front-page

New Frontier Craft has no texturepacks, until now.
You no longer have to play the game with default 16x16 textures, but because this is (currently) the only option for NFC texturepacks. I tried to make it as inoffensive and stylistically close to the original textures we've all come to know and love, but I have also added that survivalesque feel the mod has and also tried to make it my own, and not simply a remake of the default textures.

Although this was made with New Frontier Craft in mind, it is completely compatible and playable with vanilla Beta 1.7.3 if New Frontier Craft isn't your thing, or if you're casually playing Beta because of nostalgia or simply want to see what the game used to be like.

Check out New Frontier Craft Here:

And here:

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7 beta

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 06/27/2018 5:29:59 pmJun 27th

Update! New Version:

I've been quietly updating this pack for the last
6 months for my personal use. Now that NFC 1.8.6 is on the edge of
releasing and I got access to the new textures that will be added to .6,
I have updated the link to the vastly improved textures and added
support for the new New Frontier Craft mod update for when it comes out.
If you use this pack for 1.7.3 beta, then this will also be a nice
upgrade for you too as practically every single texture in terrain.png
and all GUI has been upgraded a decent amount, along with many many
small tweaks to other textures. That's a lot of ups.

The original post has been amended and a new download link added.

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Textures improved and updated to support New Frontier Craft mod version 1.8.6!
(Still for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3).

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