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Novik Pack | 1.15

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avatar Max_Novik
Level 28 : Expert Artist

Novik Pack is a Resource Pack that aims to bring texture tweaks for blocks and items to builders of Minecraft, especially in terms of adding different details, without majorly obstructing the feeling of the vanilla experience.

This Resource Pack is compatible with Minecraft 1.15 but still can be used in versions 1.13-1.14

At the time Novik Pack features:
-Different look for grass, flowers, taller wheat crops, bushier leaves on trees, and occasional roots under grass blocks.

-Slightly rounder Logs and Stripped Logs.

-Different look for Diorite and Polished Diorite that blends better with other stone types.

-Various connected and overlay textures for blocks (Optifine Only).

-New textures for Note Blocks that represent crates.

-Special textures for Noteblocks with different instrument data (a.k.a. placed on specific blocks).

-New textures for several types of Glass.

-Special (Optifine Only) textures for different items!

And More!

Be sure to check out the README file in the resource pack's folder!

Original Bushy Leaves code written by Uncle Jam (YT page link): www.youtube.com/channel/UCfg9squuCoQvPJt5tCWjTOg
Bushy Leaves textures and code update to 1.13+ in this pack are done by Max_Novik

CreditUncleJam: Original code for Bushy Leaves
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

6 Update Logs

Ver. 0.0.9 : 02/17/2020 2:59:25 pmFeb 17th

  • added tall Wheat texture for the full-grown crop
  • added tall Sapling textures for 2nd growth stage for every tree type
  • changed the hue of Hay Bale texture
  • minor changes to grass

3 replies

01/04/2020 9:02 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Pirate
Very Good!
12/29/2019 10:48 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Artist
oh my god this is so nice! i love that it's JUST minor tweaks ♥. fwhip's pack changed too much from the vanilla textures :(
01/01/2020 2:07 pmhistory
Level 28 : Expert Artist
Thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply! I am very happy that you enjoyed this resource pack! Although you might not enjoy my Lapis Lazuli Block Texture, as it is very different from the vanilla, but you can modify the resource pack for your personal use by deleting both texture files in
"assets\minecraft\textures\block" folder of the resource pack and deleting "lapis_block1" file in
"assets\minecraft\models\block" folder.

EDIT: It is also required to delete "lapis_block" file in "assets\minecraft\blockstates" !
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