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Ornate 5 Re-ressurected - MetaData AddOn [mc 1.7.x only]

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avatar babbajagga
Level 54 : Grandmaster Architect
This is an Add-On extension meant by default for the Ornate 5 Re-resurrected Core resource pack made by me (Babbajagga).It will work with any other pack as well, but the result may be weird.
Make sure to use MCPatcher (recommended) with CTM enabled, or OptiFine (not sure if that one gonna work properly with this though).

This is a compilation of all MetaData textures previously distributed in the separate Ornate AddOns. Since the MC 1.8+ broke the way how the metadata textures are handled (merely removed them), it caused mess in game with textures, thus I decided to release a separated MetaData AddOn, that can be easily and without trouble loaded or unloaded based on the Minecraft version you are playing be it 1.7.x or 1.8+

You can find there random stuff, like ie. Cauldrons filled with Lava or Boiling Oil, different types of Chains, Ropes, Walls, Iron Plates, Smoke, Chisseled Obsidian, Iron and Wood Fences, etc.

For detailed list of what it contains see the changelog.

If you don't know what the MetaData textures are just google it, should explain pretty much everything when you see it ;-)
Basicaly it allows you to customize the game into a brand new levels and all that w/o mods needed.

This AddOn is not fully standalone resource pack, you should still use the Ornate 5 Re-resurrected Core pack as a basis. (link here)


  1. place the downloaded .zip file into the resource pack folder within ".../.minecraft"
  2. in game, move the pack atop of any current packs
  3. hit Done, the game should become a nicer place to play in ;-)
  4. get one of the below required mods/plugins to be able to cycle thru the textures!
Looking for the MetaData Codes? >>> find them all over here <<<

Links to the required plugins/mods:
MetaCycler (req. Bukkit)
WorldEdit (req. Bukkit)
MetaCycler (Single Player mode, req. Forge)
SPC mod (req. Single Player mode only)
(you need to use just one of them)

You NEED to use MCPAtcher (or OptiFine) for this addon to work.
Otherwise it wont work at all.

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Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 03/10/2015 6:03:58 pmMar 10th, 2015

v1.7-06-A10.1 (10.3.2015)
- separate Add-On pack containing all the MetaData textures previously found in the other Ornate packs
- works only in Minecraft versions prior to version 1.8! (=1.7.x)

- Iron Bars texture is by default invisible when held in inventory (that is not a bug, it is done with intent to prevent weird textures when placed down as a block)

[Pack Includes]

- metadata textures for Obsidian Block (value: 49:1,2)
= Dark, Ornamental

- metadata textures for Cauldron (values: 118:4-9)
= vertical wooden barrels (opened/covered), Acid, Blood, Boiling Oil, Lava cauldrons

- biome based metadata textures for Cobblestone Walls (value: 139:8,13)
= brick, sandstone

- metadata textures for Cobblestone Walls (values: 139:2-7,9)
= all wood log type walls, twisted rope on a wood log

- metadata textures for Fences (values: 85:1-9)
= all wood log type fences + rope/chain connected barriers

- metadata textures for Netherrack Fences (values: 113:1-3)
= iron fences (normal, rusty, worn)

- metadata textures for Wood Planks (values: 5:6-15)
= Crates, Food Crates, Dye Crates, Wooden Frames

- biome based metadata textures for Wood Stairs (values: 53:8-15(Oak); 134:8-15(Spruce); 135:8-15(Birch); 136:8-15(Jungle); 163:8-15(Acacia); 164:8-15(Dark Oak))
= Roof style textures (Sheaves) for all wooden stair types, biome based (categorized into: BirchForestHills(Rainy biome) IcePlains(Frozen biome) Desert(Dry biome)/ Hell / Other biomes)

- biome based metadata textures for Wood Logs (values: 162:2-3(Acacia))
= Pile of wood logs, twisted rope around a wood log

- metadata textures for Cobweb (values: 30:2-13)
= smoke, cocoon, several chain types, rope, sheave

- metadata textures for Iron Bars (values: 101:1-14)
= different styles of Iron Bars, Iron Plate, rusty iron bars, chains horizontal, diagonal, basic flag

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  • Level 36
  • Artisan Architect
  • April 18, 2015, 9:22 pm
good work man will post if i find any bugs in this :) diamond and sub for you
  • babbajagga
  • Level 54
  • Grandmaster Architect
  • April 21, 2015, 2:17 pm
Thanks sloppyjoe99 for the support and feedback ;)

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