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avatar Voidatron
Level 15 : Journeyman Pokemon
This texture pack is not a realistic texture pack despite the name, it just makes some crafting recipes make more sense, for example it gets rid of the 2 extra diamonds that somehow come into existence once you craft an enchantment table, or changing arrows that magically turn the flint from black to white once you craft them. This project did not turn out as I wanted it to and it will not update past 1.13, but I hope you enjoy what I have.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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Erm, some of these textures do not make any sense to me. Although I do enjoy the hay texture it doesn't make much sense, it would just fall into a big pile. Same with the kelp that really bugs me. The enchantment table also bugs me a little bit, because if you going to put diamonds on the table I would put on every side, not just to the right and left side of the book.
The snowman doesn't make much sense either because people do actually put sticks as arms on snowmen.
Also the beds, one fix... PILLOWS! The pistons look really, REALLY nice though nice job on that.
Same with the bow, arrow & flint and steel. The Iron Things page doesn't look right, if your going to do that make some of the iron with different tints. Chest and crafting tables are alright.
Idk why this is so long. Btw this wasn't suppose to just poop on your pack I love half of the stuff in it. People can't really change themselves of their creations without criticizing or just someone there say the good & what needs to be fixed.
  • Voidatron
  • Level 15
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • November 21, 2018, 6:53 am
Thanks for the criticism, I appreciate it very much, I do agree with most things you said but like I wrote in the description I am not very proud of this pack and don't plan on updating it further, I guess I could of made the pillows colored, and for the enchantment table I need to put the diamonds on the top, the side is only 1 texture file so if I put them on the side it would of went back to 4 diamonds, I said I was not going to update this anymore but feel free to edit it yourself and post it on your account, I give full permission. This pack is what i'm least proud on and I admittedly half-assed it toward the end to get the file off my computer but I would like it if you checked out some of my other work that I enjoyed making all the way through, again thanks for this comment :)
You're welcome & I'll make sure to look at your other stuff.

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