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WesterosCraft Survival [32x] [1.7.8]

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DISCLAIMER: We have explicit permission to use textures from the Doku TSC team.
Proof of Permission:
leading manager of Doku:TSC, who is also granting me permission to put
up textures from artists that have left his team
aswell as
informing me that all the original Dokucraft textures we use are free to
use without explicit permission. Doku himself was not maintaining the
pack at all at the time of the message.
As he says in the screenshot,
he could not speak for everyone, hence I went into the old customizer
and wrote down the names of every other artist, whose textures we use,
and got in touch with them on MC Forums. This is an HTML-File that displays the entire conversation I had with them. If you require an album of screenshots instead, I can provide that too.
Furthermore HickeryDickery mentions an internal Doku:TSC google doc, in which other users have already granted permission to our remix.


The WesterosCraft Survival Pack  is a 32x32 pack tailored to fit the lore of of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" universe.

Currently it's primary feature is its biome-specific building blocks as made possible by  MCPatcher, which changes the look of blocks depending on their biome, enabling people to have buildings themed to the biome they were built in!

The pack is a remix of Dokucraft and Doku TSC, and contains a ton of custom textures specifically tailored to fit the atmosphere of the server. The sound effects are from Soundjay.com[1]and Pond5.com, either paid for under an Attribution 3.0 license or considered in the public domain.

In the future we plan to make this into a complete survival pack with custom textures for every vanilla item and block!

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

From the community of:

  • Arezeus
  • Carcinogenius
  • Emoticone
  • Marken4
  • Moozipan
  • Hal9007
  • Jack05
  • SMP

  • Thamus_Knoward
  • WhitefireNeo
and the following users from the:

  • Balloftape - Skull, CreeperHead, SurvivorHead, Redstone Lamp
  • Metatron - Zombie Head
  • Savage Alien - Empty Map
  • Gabriel MBR - Baked Potatoe, Pumpkin Pie
  • Duru - Armor Icons, Compass, Pork, Brewing Stand
  • Foodstamp - Armor Icons
  • CCCode - Chainmail Icons
  • LordofSax - Helmet, Chestplate, Leggins, etc.
  • Dark_Tundra - Banner
  • Wessexstock - Survivor Skin, Zombie Skin
  • Zaph34r - Sign
  • Diet Taco - Trap Door
  • Alexium - Cake, Cake Item
  • Kloporte - Bread
  • Noodaa - Rotten Flesh, Melon Slice
  • Dark Defender - ChickenMeat, Cauldron, Mushroom Block
  • Aceofhrts97 - Beef
  • Dubca7 - Cauldron
  • SerAaron - Book, Flagstones
  • Straxael - Explosion
  • JetStorm - Wooden Planks, Chiseled Stone Brick, SandStone
  • Staretta - Glasspanes
  • AwesomeSauceUK- NetherBrick
  • Recreps4444, SeanFletcher,DWSkanska, TheBaconizer - Oak Sapling, Assorted Flowers
  • Max - DiamondBlock
  • DWSkanska - Carrot, Skull, Language Buttons
with extra special thanks to Hickerydickery, WantedRobot, for their expertise, permission and contribution!

We would like to thank FyreUK,John Smith & Misa.
Not for directly contributing to this pack, but for pioneering with
MCPatchers CTM! Without you we would never have started our CTM stuff.
Progress30% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.8

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