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Opened by: Uknownymous
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5/6/20 12:58 am 5/6/20 12:58 am
I came upon this issue first in my first few days of making the account on the project www.planetminecraft.com/project/blossom-aeternum/ when trying to give emeralds to the replies I liked there, getting the error appearing on screen "Error: No permission to vote. An internal error has occurred on our end! We're extremely sorry that this has happened. The error has been logged in our database. Please contact a Developer or select the Submit Ticket button and send them the following reference code:" (For which there was none.) "You can safely close this dialog and continue using PMC, but please be aware that content on this page may be invalid or outdated. We recommend you copy any data you need before leaving the page."

Now, initially I brushed it off as thinking it was a one-off error and it slipped my mind. Thought I might see it elsewhere or that it could be because the post was old enough to get votes disabled or my account wasn't old enough too, yet I since discovered old posts just specifically have votes disabled already and the emerald cannot be clicked, unlike the page in question. Other people may be unable to replicate the issue once again, so it's public just in case, and the issue may specifically adhere to that submission and no other submissions, but I felt like reporting it anyhow just in case it could be anything more severe, since another recent submission reminded me of the error by mentioning getting an error when 'liking posts'. This is definitely a different type of error though so I put it here. :p

Hopefully this helps. ^~^ Though the issue in question is one which almost surely isn't important because I've only come upon it on one single submission and cannot reproduce it anywhere else thus far, so it's probably not something necessary to look into. If it can be reproduced by others and isn't an intended feature for something (which isn't that clear), it's worth mentioning anyway, yep.

05/08/2020 3:19 pm
Level 49 : Master Birb
Wow I have this problem too, strange.
05/08/2020 6:19 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
Thank you for confirming that it wasn't just on my end~, though maybe it would've been better if it had been. xD I wonder what the cause is. :o
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