Changing the order of collections (oldest to newest added, recently updated, etc.)

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When I host a contest, I usually make a collection along with it for all the entries. I like for the newest entries to be at the top, so that they'll all get a chance to be seen when people view the collection- instead of just seeing the same 5 or so first entries at the top every time they view it.

Currently the only option for the collection order is to temporarily view it in a different order, but it would be very convenient if the collector could permanently change the mode of the order! As of now, I have to manually drag every new entry to the top of the collection, & it's extremely inconvenient xP

Sorry if this is already a feature & I just don't know how to do it! <3


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Cyprezz thanks for responding! I think the last option would be best, since I'm sure some people prefer to have the oldest at the top and wouldn't want the default to change from that. Having a choice to add to the top/bottom when adding to the collection would be perfect!

(also,, it's not giving me the option to reply to your response so I hope you don't mind the @)
05/15/2020 8:32 am
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Hmm. I understand you'd like the collector to define the default sort order and that does sound cool. However, I wonder if it would be better to simply add a new item to the top of the collection instead of the bottom by default. That would be easier to implement and 0 effort on your end / others to change anything.

I'm just unsure whether most would want new items at the top or at the bottom as it is now.

Another option would be to adding the choice to add the item to the top or bottom of the collection WHEN you're adding it. So, the two options would appear when you hover over the collection you plan to add the item to. That might be safest method since some members may prefer it the way it is now.

What do you think?
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