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12/14/20 10:27 pm 12/14/20 10:27 pm

Ability To Remove Comments On Your Own Forums

As a member who makes plenty of forums, I have noticed a few flaws in them. One major one is that the creator of the forum cannot get rid of comments. Members and the creator of the forum can report inappropriate comments, spam, advertising, mean, etc. but cannot delete the comments. This is bad for a few reasons. Some of the reasons include but are not limited to:
  • Spammers can spam comments and replies
  • People can post images that take up space on the comments
  • People can be harsh
  • People can advertise for themselves
  • Bullying/Inappropriate comments can be posted without being moderated

These are just some of the main reasons why not being able to delete comments is bad. Sure, we can just report comments but sometimes the mods can't get to it right away because we all know how busy they are. If the creator of the forum can delete comments, then it would save a lot of toxic comments and time.

I'm not saying we get rid of the report feature, not at all, I'm just saying, make a way for the forum owner to delete comments, to keep the community at it's best. :)

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09/06/2021 9:14 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Nerd
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I agree with Gamenight999474, especially their 2nd point

Forums are a place for interaction of the community, and it kinda ruins it if the owner can dictate what is said on their forum. Reports are there for when you really need to have something deleted. Advertisements can be reported, and so can bullying/inappopriate content. Mods are here for a reason, and I personally don't think it's worth it to give thread owners to delete comments :)
09/06/2021 12:11 am
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any rules
05/06/2021 10:44 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Network
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On the other hand I don’t think people see the bad parts. Some of the reasons include but are not limited too:
  • Mods can miss very important information
  • People can delete comments that don’t agree with their position
  • People can be mean and only have a few people know about it
  • the chat limit is soposto stop spam but it kinda fails
  • pretty much all the good parts you said can be done normally if you have the patience
  • this is a forum. Not a talk, ticket, or wall post, but forum. It breaks the balence in so many ways.
01/04/2021 3:25 pm
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Definitely is a very good idea
12/15/2020 1:53 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Modder
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12/15/2020 12:58 pmhistory
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Ender The Cat
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XD you have an army of people taking your side
12/15/2020 12:25 pm
Level 26 : Expert Sus
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yeah good idea :)
12/15/2020 12:03 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Lemon
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Great idea I agree :D
12/15/2020 10:47 am
Level 34 : Artisan uwu
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I agree
12/15/2020 8:18 am
Level 40 : Master Wolf
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I agree with this to an extent. I feel like some forum thread owners might just end up deleting comments that disagree with their position. I know not all users will do this, but I feel like the deletion feature must include a report to the mods to avoid such activity. Plus if there is an unfair deletion and the mods get the report of the deletion they can restore comments that are completely acceptable.
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