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11/22/21 12:37 am 11/22/21 12:37 am
11/22/21 11:40 am 11/22/21 11:40 am

HSL color shifter stuck!

Hello! I'm using chrome on my android phone. I am unsure if this is a my phone specific issue (my account is BasilTheBunny) but for a few days I adjusted my values on my editor very high for saturation and since then something went wrong, I'm unsure what, but I can no longer adjust any of the values permanently! I can set them to extremes or anything but it continues to lock back to what it was. I've tried closing out, logging out, even using an alternate google on my phone! But nothing seems to work :( any ideas?

I would provide screenshots but am unable to at the moment, it's locked at -35, 169, and 99. If you set it otherwise, it appears with the set numbers in the menu but produces the same effect as the mentioned presets. If you refresh, it simply sets back to as it was.

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11/25/2021 1:24 pm
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Hi! I sent you a friend request a day or two ago, but I can't message you from discord settings till you accept :( BasilTheBunny#5790 is my tag and I'll give you the file! Sorry for the delay. I do have firefox now so it's not as much of a problem, but it just seems like if you set the saturation changer super high it's what breaks the HSL shifter if that helps!!
11/22/2021 5:31 pm
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Hi there; can you do a Settings < Export Database and get that file to me somehow (Discord will work)?
11/22/2021 12:48 pm
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Hi! Thanks for getting back to me, yes this issue is still occuring but I am on mobile and unable to open console through keybinds. I do not think this issue is happening on my PC too, so I cannot do it there to demonstrate! I was messing around in the developer settings to try and be able to, but nothing seemed to work- however weirdly enough it's now stuck on a different set of values :,) (-101, 94, none). If you have an idea of how to access this on a phone it'd be a great help! If you aren't sure, I can always just download firefox on my phone and see if it fixes itself there! Thanks, sorry
11/22/2021 11:40 am
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set status to Accepted, assigned Paril.
Are you still having this issue today?

If so, please follow these steps:

1) Go to PMCSkin3D
2) Open your console with Shift + CTRL + J
3) Copy & paste or take a screenshot of any messages, mainly looking for red errors.


I'm assigning the developer of PMCSkin3D.
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