New Layout Design Idea for Planetminecraft!

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Opened by: Pecoliky1
Status: Open
Feature Request
2017-02-09 17:44:15


Planet minecraft has had a unique design for many years, however, lately it looks old, simple and dusty. Since I would like to see a re-design of the site, I got to this idea.

I really like this site and of course, I want it to look as good as it can! Current assets used on the page are really old and don't fit together. I mainly talk about the layout, since I have no issue with dirt and grass background.

Let's start with the buttons
Button are an important element of every site, and they need to fit with the rest of the page. These buttons served their days well, and partly fit with the white but, this button design is almost a decade old, and is rarely used anywhere. It is too rounded, overly detailed and overall a bit of an eyesore compared to today's sites. I don't see why these can't be replaced with the new flat, material-like designed buttons which are a better indicator overall. Even a pixelated, stained clay textured button would be awesome. Current ones have no relation to minecraft whatsoever.

Layout is perhaps the most important part, as it is most visible. However, on the site, there are so many unneeded lines, squares and unorganized fields that it confuses the eye a lot. Why not put it in 2 colors? Light-gray for layout and white for text background and fields, with a bit of a shadow which will indicate that they are not one element. Also, lines could be less noticeable, just lower opacity or reduce their number as much as possible. Take a look at the xp bar, and its background, it looks like it was resized slightly and the bar itself glows so much you cant even see its borders, so they blend together, giving it an even worse look.

Font is looking terrible. Arial definitely does not fit here. Font of or similar would go a lot better.

Don't get me started on these, looks like it was made by a 12 year old, no offense. Honestly.

Those are my suggestions. Also, I made this picture that illustrates my point poorly (derp) but I hope you get the idea. I would not want an entire overhaul since that is one hell of a work, it's just that some (most) assets need changing

Also, AWESOME WORK ON THE NEW LAYOUT OwO (sry couldn't hold it in)
Imagine: New layout+redesign!

This isn't nearly finished, just wanted to show you what I had in mind. Clean and flat. Ignore borders.

Comments (4)

Peridot XJ9 said 2017-04-04 16:12:36
Naw, I think it's fine the way it is. I'm more conservative when it comes to PMC, and I'm not a big fan of making the site look like all the other sites out there (Like all the dumb popular social media sites out there... You know what I'm talking about... :P). PMC just has that quaint charm of love, and if you put it on a more corporate copycat side to it, I will most likely quit. Thankfully, the Moderators and community are amazing here, but I'm just saying not to make it look cluttered (Hey, at least the new profile layout of 2017-ish lets me move around the tiles so it doesn't look like Google Plus as much as it did when I just blindly glanced at it!). xD
Astrallie said 2017-02-25 17:26:41
I don't think I really mind it.. or see it, to be completely honest.. though maybe that's because I'm used to it? Not sure.
Although, to be fair, it's certainly not a "terrible" website. They've spent their time making it and it gets the job done efficiently enough; to share creations, and bring people of similar interests (Minecraft) together.
So while I'm sure it could be cleaned up and simplified a lot more, which could be nice, it's not like a website that has nothing aesthetically pleasing at all, or is completely convoluted? If you understand what I mean. c:

Anyways, good luck with the request! Though it might take a while since they've already done a major change, and most likely will be working out the bugs and perfecting it prior to moving on to something else. (At least, that's how I'd assume it would go :P I obviously can't speak for them since I have absolutely no idea what their plans actually are)
Pecoliky1 said 2017-02-25 12:59:25
The main issue I have with the current layout is that it looks very old and messy...icons are incorrect size, layout is all over the place, and the theme seems very bad :p
Astrallie said 2017-02-25 11:54:26
I like how it's not all stretched out on the home page like it is currently, at least :)