Cant add images to projects anymore

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Opened by: Drash2005
Status: Closed- Finished
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2017-03-14 16:51:34
2017-03-17 16:20:54


Someone said I should post this here, so I try i it out. I made the same post in the Forum already. So I copied it only from it.

Since the new version of pmc came up, I have the problem that I can´t upload/add any
images for new projects or to edit projects with the new upload program.

With the old program there was never a problem.
With the new
one, I push the plus symbol to add a new image in the row, then I select
the "From your device" option and a second window open in which I can
search for the image in the folder on my computer. After I choosen it I
push the "open" button and the folder window disapear directly and the
image field on pmc stay black, nothing happen.
No upload symbo or
any information at all. Even if I wait 5 to 10 minutes, nothing hapen.
And even if I push the "add a new image" button again, selet the same
option and same picture, only the same happen again and again. Doesn´t
matter how often I try, nothing work.

I can´t upload projects without any images in it. Can please somebody help me with that? I don´t know what to do.

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said 2017-03-17 16:20:54
Zitzabis set status to Closed, set resolution to Finished.
Zitzabis said 2017-03-17 16:20:45
Figured it was probably just a temp issue since you were probably trying during the period that Amazon S3 servers were having issues (not our fault). Glad things are working now.
Drash2005 said 2017-03-17 16:17:27
I don´t know how, but without any changes on my side it now working!
So thanks if you have done anything for it, it works now. =)
said 2017-03-17 16:05:52
Zitzabis set status to In Progress, assigned Zitzabis.
Zitzabis said 2017-03-17 16:05:43
Have you tried using the drag and drop method or maybe try uploading it to Imgur and copying the link over?

It all works for me.

Also make sure you have a file name that doesn't have any weird characters in it. Rename it to "image" and see if that changes anything.

Also try a different browser and tell me if the issue persists.