[For new forums] Notification when trying to post on old thread.

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Opened by: Pepijn
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Feature Request
2017-04-26 17:04:00


When a forum post has been inactive for a certain amount of time, show a message near the reply text box with "This topic has been inactive for a long time and probably doesn't have to be replied to anymore" or something similar. Just to stop the necro-posting you see on the forums every so often.

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Pepijn said 2017-05-03 10:49:15
Yeah sure....
NoxNyctores said 2017-05-03 10:37:48
It's the best possible solution and I threw out a month as a general time frame based off genera thread "lifespans" which is roughly two weeks.

I'll believe new forums when they come, until then it's a dropped project.
Pepijn said 2017-05-03 10:28:33
Autolocking is almost never the solution. A month is also way too soon.

New forums are going to be a thing btw, might take a while but Paril and Cyp already put a lot of work into it.
NoxNyctores said 2017-05-03 10:22:23
If there are ever new forums, it'd be better that they just auotlock after a certain amount of time since the last reply (probably a month or something like that). Doubt we're ever getting them, higher priority has always been the site.
Paril said 2017-04-28 09:28:32
Considering bumping/necro-posting isn't a worry on the new forums it's not high priority, but it's certainly a good idea. I think certain considerations should be taken given the category as well; for instance, in help/support categories it might just prevent them entirely and ask that they post a new thread with more information, since it's likely that's why they didn't get replies.
Pepijn said 2017-04-26 17:12:00
Bit sad but true, people don't read. It will at least give mods something to point towards to when people try to appeal with "But I didn't notice it was so old!" or "How am I supposed to know what 'too old' is?!".
Azie said 2017-04-26 17:07:12
Honestly, this probably still won't stop people, but I still like this idea. +1
said 2017-04-26 17:04:29
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