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The title basically says it all: a comment voting system, just like on pretty much every other website in the world. Also, being able to filter the comments would be nice as well (most votes / oldest / newest / highest ranked members who commented etc.)
Maybe comments with too many downvotes (let's say 5) will be  removed automatically in order to prevent spoilsports, spam, advertising, trolls... the list goes on; you get the idea.

Would love to see such a feature in the future!

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SwiftNinjaPro said 2019-01-03 14:13:58
if people are looking for the answer to a question, and looking at old posts, an upvoted answer could help them find it faster. I know of one form website that still uses upvotes, used for questions about computer programming (java, javascript, wordpress, dart, flutter, html, php, ect.)
ShelLuser said 2018-02-02 00:35:53
I know the ticket is 2 years old (I actually read ;)) but if you look back at history then you'll notice that many websites have actually moved away from up/down voting towards either merely up voting or no voting at all.

Personally I don't think this is fitting for PMC, or any other community site for that matter. Upvoting is a positive way of showing your support for whatever content you're watching. You upvote because you like it, it's all mostly based on opinion.

But down voting is a different ballgame. Because where do you draw the line? Would someone sharing an opinion you disagree with be a trigger for downvoting? Or maybe you concentrate on content quality: whatever is "below" you standards should be downvoted?

The problem is: this system will be abused by people. Downvoting something just because it's posted by a person you happen to dislike for example. Wham! And why stop with only one post? Lets downvote all of 'm!

Down votes will only demotivate people and eventually drive them away. That's my opinion at least. Getting (none?) upvotes can motivate players to better themselves in hopes to get even more upvotes. But getting downvotes... Why would you try again if people "hated" your stuff in the first place?

I think this feature is best left ignored.
Knux said 2018-01-31 08:54:17
taterman88 said 2017-01-15 14:23:16
yus plz
Hakno said 2016-09-23 05:51:36
This is a brilliant idea, because it gives an incentive to comment
Rilene said 2016-02-10 07:42:46
I'm really neutral with upvote but about downvotes, I'm really concerned about it as some member downvote post that contains opinion which do not match theirs, "I hate/dislike you" reasons and possibly downvoting quality contents. But sure, downvoting can be useful if used correctly and not abused to downvote post that violates the rule, inappropriate contents but the bad side of downvoting seems to outweight the good side of downvoting.

So I would see upvote but not downvote, unless if there is a moderation for it.
Lipse said 2016-01-28 22:36:48
I agree! there has been multiple instances where I wanted to "like" someone's comment!

maybe comment likes can give you extra XP :)
CraftyFoxe said 2016-01-23 00:45:32
I think if a comment has -5 votes or more, it should be hidden with a spoiler so others can click to see what it is, but not deleted without a mod looking at it.
said 2016-01-22 13:14:06
Zitzabis set status to In Progress, assigned Developers/Administrators.
Zitzabis said 2016-01-22 13:13:53
A feature similar to this will be introduced with the updating of forums. Comments and forums will be integrated in a way and become almost the same. And if I remember correctly, and upvote and downvote system will be introduced for them.




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