Bring back the view your posts tab on forums.

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Opened by: LightlySaltedBuilder
Status: Closed- Won't Fix
Feature Request
9/10/17 1:02 am 9/10/17 1:02 am
9/18/17 11:18 am 9/18/17 11:18 am


I'd like to see the view your posts tab return. I know there is favoriting and notifications, but it's inconvenient when you try and go look for old threads which you maybe didn't get notifications for, or they're no longer on the recent threads section, and/or you forgot to favorite them. The new features are nice, but I don't think the view your posts tab should've been removed.

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guestds said 2017-09-30 02:23:02
issue with this: it only shows threads created by you or posts you made in threads... neither are ordered by latest update.... only by your own latest posts....

ignoring that its probably inconvenient for it to be a widget... including the tab thingy that accesses its full page...

what if theres a link on the forums to the fullscreen page and an extra tab that shows things in the layout of the "view your posts" section from before the change? imo itd be alot less inconvenient... or just a button on your profile page that changes between the new layout and the old one as it seems like alot of people dont like it... maybe a poll asking people if they do or dont like it.... like what Karrthus said some of what ive said might need to go into another ticket but ill probably only remember when im too tired to actually make logical words... like now probably just read this like 20 times and it might make sense
said 2017-09-18 11:18:16
Paril set status to Closed, set resolution to Won't Fix.
Azie said 2017-09-10 06:19:45
It was moved to a profile widget. You can view all your threads and replies there.




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