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With the rise of the new multi-platform Bedrock codebase edition of the game, I believe it would be a great idea to allow users to post server submissions for this new primary edition of the game.

To differentiate them from Java Edition servers, perhaps a small icon could be placed on the submission page to indicate which edition of the game the server, well, serves. As an example, Bedrock servers could have a bedrock icon, while Java Edition servers could be represented by a cocoa bean (loosely resembles coffee beans).

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said 2017-11-07 03:45:39
Paril set status to Accepted.
Paril said 2017-11-07 03:45:34
I wasn't aware that you could connect to external servers on Bedrock Edition. I think we'll do this when we do our server section update.
LeeTheENTP said 2017-10-29 22:13:31
PMC's server list uses the query feature to pull online status, player count, etc., correct? All of the third party server software uses the official network API - though it's not open source, the developer of MiNET has documentation on it and keeps it automatically updated as new versions of the game release. I don't write netcode myself so I'm not sure how useful this documentation is (for instance, I don't see anything on how to implement the protocol), but other websites have done it so it's possible. However, I agree that waiting for official server software is not a bad idea. Demand for the feature right now is not high - so it's likely not worth developing - but I imagine it will be once server software is released (speculated to be when the plugin API comes out).
said 2017-10-29 12:48:25
Paril set status to Delayed.
Paril said 2017-10-29 12:48:17
We already support mods/maps/etc for any edition of Minecraft.

Servers, however, are another thing entirely. Bedrock Edition doesn't have official server software; there's no way for us to officially support these if there's no software we can really look at for how they're hosted, how we can ping them, etc etc. I don't even think the network API for it is open.
Subpartikel said 2017-10-28 23:35:50
This is a pretty good idea, but I agree with the comments below.
  • PlanetMinecraft might be ruined, due to how much players there were before 1.2, and, because of the new update that linked the platforms, there are even more players. Bedrock maps, packs, and servers would override Java submissions. And PlanetMinecraft was meant for Java.
  • Since 1.2 linked console and portable versions, this may mean of that console submissions may slowly come.
Also, the amount of MCPE servers is very large, which may cost Paril a lot, because he probably pays to the website admin thingy. (And he is stressed these days, pretty obvious)
I personally don't think servers are a great idea, but however, projects will; they will, uh, show how... Bedrock builders are, and that they are equal to Java builders or something.
But it's a solid foundation.
LeeTheENTP said 2017-10-02 13:10:41
I don't think the Marketplace will be a huge issue, even for content like texture packs and maps. Sure, it has the integration that will make it one of the first places new people look, but the people who know there are ways to get free content will already know where to look (i.e. MCPEDL, etc.).

However, the Marketplace is not where people go to look for servers - if they are looking for a server, they go to online server lists. With about 4x the install base as Java Edition (extrapolated from 121 million copies sold across all devices and 26 million Java Edition sales), there is a massive market largely untapped by Planet Minecraft. If PMC added support for Bedrock servers (and other content, though that is out of the scope of this ticket), there would likely be an influx of new members from the Bedrock community, generating more ad revenue for the site and allowing it to expand. To alert the public about the new platform support, the site could run a bit of an awareness campaign - perhaps changing the background dirt texture to bedrock, or something.
Pepijn said 2017-09-30 18:15:52
I can see two possible problems with "both kinds of submissions coexisting on the same website".
Bedrock has an integrated marketplace for a lot of content (not servers, but we're talking about submissions in general now). Of course PMC is free and Marketplace is not, but since Marketplace is integrated it will be the first place most people look.
On top of that, PMC has established itself as Java content. It will take a lot of time for people to realize that PMC started supporting Bedrock more.

Will these be real problems, who knows. Just a consideration.
LeeTheENTP said 2017-09-30 17:47:26
I use the term "new" because it is quite a bit newer than Java Edition - work on a C++ version of the game began in 2012, if I remember correctly. While both versions are receiving equal treatment and care, the base title "Minecraft" being taken from Java and handed to Bedrock is a strong indicator of which one Mojang wants to be the primary, "go-to" version. Yes, they will both receive updates and support pseudo-indefinitely, but the de facto main edition is now Bedrock.

I think the main issue for this idea is feasibility rather than possibility. It's certainly possible, because the Bedrock server has query support (which has been implemented in most, if not all, 3rd party servers), so I believe the real challenge will be figuring out a good way to have both kinds of submissions coexist on the same website.
Pepijn said 2017-09-30 15:51:40
Just some fact checking:

Bedrock codebase is not really completely "new". It's basically just a new name for Pocket Edition but across multiple platforms. It's also not the new "primary edition" of the game, as stated by Mojang multiple times.

If realistically possible it would be awesome to allow Bedrock servers on here.




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