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So I have noticed, as well as many MANY other builders and creators, that Planetminecraft has drastically lost interest or "died" some say. I still regularly log on to look at the hottest projects and realise some fantastic creations only get 30-40 diamonds and say 500 views over the 2-3 days they are featured on the trending list. This is a big step down from the projects 4 or so years ago that would gain 200+ diamonds for a simple large house. Most people don't want to come onto Planetminecraft now because they all have another method of displaying and sharing their projects: TWITTER.

Twitter's system is much more efficient and modern than the Planetminecraft system. On Planetminecraft, you have to select a tab from the top, choose another tab (most choose trending to see whats new), then scroll through projects, click on a project of interest to diamond it or comment. Whereas twitter has a quick open-one-click like system. When I look at projects on the whats hot list, I wish that there is a diamond button right next to the cover image that I could just click without having to open and load the project. This would be much more efficient, and would probably increase the amount of diamonds people get on their projects, which in theory would make some very happy creators. Just a simple diamond button next to the cover render, similar to what reddit has with their upvote downvote system, that would be perfect. ! diamond would also count as 1 view, so that it shows that the person also actually viewed the project. Keep the rest the same (opening the project to comment or download), just would be fantastic to streamline diamond giving.

Hope someone considers this, would be dope :)

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said 2018-06-08 13:27:59
Cyprezz set status to Accepted, assigned Cyprezz.
I've read this ticket a few times now and keep coming back to it.

I could see this on skins but I'm uncertain about the logic being sound for other sections.

Many sites allow voting based on titles & preview but imo it's judging a submission by it's cover. If a member likes a preview enough to vote on it, they should want to see the full submission as well. I guess if we forgot to diamond before pressing back then it would be convenient to hit the diamond in the listing.

I think you're right that it would increase the # of votes on submissions but I'm not convinced it's a good feature to add.
CraftyFoxe said 2018-06-02 10:58:46
Wouldn't that just encourage people to mass diamonds submissions lists, which is a tactic to get noticed.




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