Skins without download & Better contest prizes

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7/31/18 2:38 pm 7/31/18 2:38 pm


I have yet another 2 feature requests-
A) Can you make it so that you can publish a skin just for show, so that it cannot be downloaded by others? Would be cool to showcase a skin, but eg. you don't want people to download because it's your own skin. Or show a skin with an upcoming download..? Pleas
B) The contest prizes are a bit unfair to be honest. I mainly mean the top 3 - 3rd and 2nd place get profile featured and trophy. But 1st place? Just one place up, but it's sooo much better than the closeby 2nd that it gets an extra 50 steam giftcard? I think it should be more spread out, as in for example 1st place gets 50 giftcard, second like 20, third 10. or something
Also, the runner ups, top 50, should have a kindof smoother transaction, like the top 3. What i mean is, for example say 1st place is titanium, 2nd is platinum, 3rd is gold, then everyone else in top, say, 10 get silver, and only then the rest get bronze. I just feel that it's all not very fair or spread out. :thonk:

Comments (6)

MegaMinerDL said 2018-08-03 07:02:49
Hmmmmm ok.
Acier said 2018-08-03 00:11:20
I can only imagine the hell this would create, posting a skin without a download is the physical embodiment of begging someone to steal your content. someone could spend a minuscule amount of time copying your skin, reupload it and include a download for everyone to flock too, their skin would probably get more views than yours since it has a download, and then boom a drama war. It's the reason spotify doesn't impose premium only features on desktop users, it's more convenient to just steal the music than to pay for it.
MegaMinerDL said 2018-08-01 12:59:33
Yeah it would work like the projects - u dont need to have a download link if you dont want to/cant. One word: oof.
Azie said 2018-08-01 12:40:06
I don't personally feel that has a place in our Skins section, but our Projects section does something similar to that. Dunno, Cyp might go for that; I have no idea.
MegaMinerDL said 2018-08-01 06:59:34
Ok then. But what about the skin thing? I have a cool skin that I want to just show, but I use it ing...
Azie said 2018-07-31 16:46:55
I feel like this just cheapens actually winning. I don't feel the first place prize is unfair at all. People who make something good enough to win a contest deserve the prize they get. People who don't win should work to improve if they want to earn a first place prize.

This isn't pointed at anyone specific, but I see this kind of thing a lot where someone with just mediocre or outright bad content complain about not winning and request things akin to this a lot instead of reflecting on what they can do differently or do better in order to place better in our contests.

We also don't get enough participants to warrant spreading out trophies/prizes like larger events do (ie. "top 15 participants get X giftcard" when there are 2000 expected entrants or some large number like that), imo.




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